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    Afternoon everyone! I am starting up a youtube channel and doing accessory reviews and soon launching a "tries to play" section for gaming. Ive been in the wireless industry for over eight years and just love doing these kind of things.

    This post is over a product released by a company called Mpow and recently their product has shown up on CBS and other news companies. They offer a 3 pack of lenses for your phone to add a wide angle, macro, and fish eye options. Feel free to watch my youtube review and the link to imgur will show you the photos I have taken. By no means am I a pro at photos (as you can tell) but I hope to get some more practice in soon!

    During the review I used my iphone 6s

    While I am not a huge photographer I like to play around with photos now and again. Mpow released a three pack of different, easy to attach lenses that I feel they did a solid job at making someone like myself a junior photographer. Inside the box you will get a Wide angle lens .38X, a 180-degree Fisheye lens, and a 20X Micro lens along with a snap-in carrying box and microfiber cloth. One nice touch is each lens is picture labeled and have their own lens cover.

    Looking at the listing they recommend you use the lens without a case, the main reason is this causes the lens not to set flush on the housing and causes distortion (trust me I tried and it wasn’t lying). Each lens clip feels light but solid, plus the lese itself is metal and glass. While carrying the case is no problem for a purse or backpack it is a little big for the pocket, which is fine because the situation you will need all three lenses while out would be a little rare.

    Starting off with the wide angle lens. This one was just plain amazing to use everywhere! As you can see from the with and without photos it really makes a difference. Allowing you to take in more surroundings and scenery is always a plus in my book. Outside shots were just great and indoor were pretty good as well.

    The fisheye lens is super fun to play around with. It helps give your photos that “pop” to stand out. Works great for a single object or a small group of people. Adding in too much makes the picture look a little busy to me but it is totally up to you, have fun with the lens! I was lucky enough to get my cats to hold still long enough to get a few photos of them with the fisheye, they turned out great!

    Finally, the macro lens was totally mind blowing. To start with you must get really close to the object, so close that the clear edging is on the item you are taking the photo of. Every item I used the micro lens with was always a joy, something as simple as the paint on the trunk of my car, the print on a box, to a leaf in the yard made me smile on how detailed things were.

    Overall these were amazing to play with! On their amazon page they have a starting list of devices that work for it, just make sure your camera area is similar to one of the devices and you should be good to use. Definitely something for everyone to check out!

    Here are the photos I took using the lens and comparing them without the lens.


    And my youtube review!

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