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    Weekly Photo Contest: Games!-mac_xbox_controller.jpg

    Games come in all shapes and forms. Board games, computer games, console games, sports and outdoors games... no matter what kind of game you like, we want to see it! Feel free to get creative, however if your photo doesn't fit the subject in an obvious way it could get looked over, so make sure you leave a back story or explanation with it.

    The contest begins now and ends Wednesday, November 12th at 11:59 PDT. Good luck!

    The prize:

    The winners of this week's photo contest will snag a $25 iTunes gift card to use towards whatever they want in both iTunes and the App Store! Been eyeing some new photo editing apps you'd really like to get your hands on? Here's your chance to snag some of them, compliments of iMore!

    The rules

    Submitted photos must have been taken with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

    We'll check the EXIF data of the original file to verify and any edits must have been done with an iPhone or iPad app. No Photoshop, Lightroom, or other external editing programs! If you have external lens accessories such as an Olloclip or other snap-on lens, you are more than welcome to use them.

    You can submit as many photos as you'd like, but remember, this is a contest, so make sure you submit your best work!


    Now, before you run off to take your photo, remember that it's not technical skill alone that will claim this prize. Even if you're not the best photographer (yet!), a great eye and a great subject can still get you the win.

    However, a little help can never hurt, so make sure you check out our iPhone photography series for some tips.

    How to submit

    To submit your photos, simply attach them to this thread, that's it! If you don't have a Mac or PC to upload them, you can download the free Tapatalk forum app and upload them directly from your iPhone or iPad. Hit the link below to download it. No photos submitted outside of this thread will be considered, NO EXCEPTIONS.

    - Tapatalk for iPhone - Free - Download Now
    11-07-2014 03:30 AM
  2. Namdnas78's Avatar
    This is my PC gaming setup! Showing off Civilization: Beyond Earth on my Alienware X51 system. I'm using a Samsung 27" monitor, Netgear R8000 (X6) router, Razer Black Widow Ultimate mechanical keyboard and the Logitech G600 MMO gaming mouse.

    Photo taken with my iPhone 6 Plus 128GB and edited with Camera+. I haven't done much photo editing, so this is a bit new for me. :-) I'm also a console gamer, but chose to use my PC setup since it's where I've put all my hard work!

    Weekly Photo Contest: Games!-games-photo-contest.jpg
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    11-07-2014 09:31 AM
  3. flashtilley's Avatar
    iPhone 6 plus and Snapseed. Here's a classic!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    11-07-2014 02:09 PM
  4. cabatbatderek's Avatar
    Weekly Photo Contest: Games!-image.jpg

    A tv, a console and a controller is all you need to create another atmosphere of games!
    Shot with iPhone 5s and edited at VSCO
    11-07-2014 07:12 PM
  5. martinr80233's Avatar
    Weekly Photo Contest: Games!-imoreappimg_20141107_201747.jpg My buddy at our last Jiu-Jitsu tournament kicking some A!!!! He ended up getting first place in his division. And I got first in my division!
    11-07-2014 09:19 PM
  6. flashtilley's Avatar
    iPhone 6 plus and Snapseed.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    11-07-2014 11:08 PM
  7. Kevin DeMattos's Avatar
    Pool Hall Junkies!
    Weekly Photo Contest: Games!-pool-hall-junkies.jpg

    Trying to capture the focus needed to sink a ball.

    iPhone 6 and Snapseed.

    Good Luck to all!
    Last edited by Kevin DeMattos; 11-08-2014 at 08:57 AM. Reason: Trying to capture the focus needed to sink a ball.
    11-08-2014 08:54 AM
  8. hanzd92's Avatar
    Oldie, but Goodie, Pocket Tanks!
    Weekly Photo Contest: Games!-fullsizerender.jpg
    iPhone 6+ Stock Camera App
    Last edited by hanzd92; 11-08-2014 at 01:35 PM. Reason: Forgot to add What iDevice and app used.
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    11-08-2014 01:33 PM
  9. Premium1's Avatar
    11-09-2014 10:34 AM
  10. Ipheuria's Avatar
    love the old school iPhone hiding in plain sight. I do the same with mine have it docked by my iMac.
    11-09-2014 12:55 PM
  11. Ipheuria's Avatar
    I started out as a console gamer before I was introduced to PC gaming. Now I do both while dabbling in mobile gaming. At work a group of us used to have fragfests over the LAN until that was restricted. These are remnants of my work gaming rig.

    Weekly Photo Contest: Games!-imageuploadedbyimore-forums1415651373.226007.jpg

    iPhone 5s, cropped in photo app
    Editing: iPad Mini, VSCO cam and Snapseed
    11-10-2014 02:30 PM
  12. flashtilley's Avatar
    Here's a game you don't see everyday. Flinch! iPhone 6+ and Snapseed.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    11-10-2014 08:55 PM
  13. Christopher Washington's Avatar
    11-11-2014 12:43 PM
  14. Grayce Huang's Avatar
    Weekly Photo Contest: Games!-img_2233.jpg

    iPhone5s. Edited using VSCOcam. Took in Pismo Beach, CA
    Maybe also used Instagram, not sure though. We were just playing the water actually. It's spring break time!!
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    11-12-2014 04:52 PM
  15. rumpigs's Avatar

    Blue Hills Dominos
    Turks and Caicos
    Taken with iPhone 5s edit with Instagram

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    11-17-2014 06:55 PM
  16. spence1905's Avatar
    11-22-2014 12:21 PM

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