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    iPhone 5s

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    05-16-2014 03:20 AM
  2. et3surge's Avatar
    Weekly photo contest: Storms!-image.jpg Ferndale, CA storms rolling into Humboldt County. Iphone5 back cam, b&w filter
    05-16-2014 03:27 AM
  3. et3surge's Avatar
    Samoa to Eureka CA, stormy foggy morning on Humboldt Bay, iPhone 5 back cam, splitpic app, ristretto filterWeekly photo contest: Storms!-image.jpg Original unedited Weekly photo contest: Storms!-img_4233.jpgClick image for larger version. 

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    05-16-2014 03:48 AM
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    above Haleakala crater, storms rolling over Maui, iPhone 5, no filter, no app Weekly photo contest: Storms!-image.jpg Weekly photo contest: Storms!-image.jpgWeekly photo contest: Storms!-img_4287.jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Weekly photo contest: Storms!-img_4285.jpg  
    05-16-2014 03:52 AM
  5. ppsota's Avatar
    iPhone 5c and Snapseed
    05-16-2014 06:54 AM
  6. blackhawk01's Avatar
    Weekly photo contest: Storms!-amazon1.jpg Taken with an iPhone 5 no filters and transferred to mac and uploaded no editing.
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    05-16-2014 10:48 PM
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    Weekly photo contest: Storms!-storm-094.jpg
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    05-17-2014 11:09 AM
  8. corfu67's Avatar
    05-17-2014 11:11 AM
  9. corfu67's Avatar
    Weekly photo contest: Storms!-storm-108.jpg
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    05-17-2014 11:12 AM
  10. corfu67's Avatar
    Weekly photo contest: Storms!-storm-062.jpg
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    05-17-2014 11:21 AM
  11. Harumph's Avatar
    After the Storm
    No editing iPhone 5
    Weekly photo contest: Storms!-afterthestorm.jpg
    05-17-2014 11:57 AM
  12. Harumph's Avatar
    iPhone 5 After Storm enhanced by iPhotoWeekly photo contest: Storms!-after_enhanced.jpg
    05-17-2014 12:03 PM
  13. QuezXLV's Avatar
    05-17-2014 12:13 PM
  14. Sopheap Sithorn's Avatar

    Beautiful Phnom Penh City Cambodia
    Taken by iPhone 5
    Edited by iPhoto

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    05-17-2014 10:04 PM
  15. John Yester's Avatar
    05-17-2014 10:50 PM
  16. MikeCTZA's Avatar
    Taken in Paris, France in 2010 in Jardin des Tuileries, next to the Louve.
    A massive storm approaching in the distance. Luckily I got back to my hotel before it hit.
    Taken with iPhone 4 standard camera app, no post editing done.

    Weekly photo contest: Storms!-2010_10_24_14_15-001.jpg
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    05-18-2014 01:09 AM
  17. jpsotova's Avatar
    Weekly photo contest: Storms!-imageuploadedbyimore-forums1400513935.559416.jpgWeekly photo contest: Storms!-imageuploadedbyimore-forums1400513956.061654.jpgWeekly photo contest: Storms!-imageuploadedbyimore-forums1400513972.899726.jpg

    iPhone 5
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    05-19-2014 11:40 AM
  18. mayra yax's Avatar

    Right before a thunder storm

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    05-19-2014 02:43 PM
  19. mayra yax's Avatar

    On a foggy day near the beach

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    05-19-2014 02:55 PM
  20. ernesttheo's Avatar
    Weekly photo contest: Storms!-img_0353.jpg
    Weekly photo contest: Storms!-img_0545.jpg
    Weekly photo contest: Storms!-img_2192.jpg
    Weekly photo contest: Storms!-img_2197.jpg

    iPhone 5 and Snapseed

    IG: @ernestheo
    05-20-2014 12:20 AM
  21. reinersmile's Avatar
    Weekly photo contest: Storms!-img_1216.jpg
    Weekly photo contest: Storms!-img_1215.jpg
    It was my first time to ride a ferry and we got caught in a storm
    Shot using my iPhone 4S and edited using Snapseed App.
    05-20-2014 04:40 AM
  22. janoh81's Avatar
    Weekly photo contest: Storms!-imageuploadedbyimore-forums1400580395.468019.jpg
    Weekly photo contest: Storms!-imageuploadedbyimore-forums1400580457.925309.jpg
    Weekly photo contest: Storms!-imageuploadedbyimore-forums1400580473.448103.jpg
    iPhone 4S and Camera+

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    05-20-2014 06:09 AM
  23. slimer3D's Avatar
    iPhone 5 and KitCamera app

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    05-20-2014 11:41 AM
  24. killthepig's Avatar
    iphone 5 and mextures
    Attached Thumbnails Weekly photo contest: Storms!-img_0256.png   Weekly photo contest: Storms!-img_0257.png   Weekly photo contest: Storms!-img_0258.png  
    05-20-2014 02:22 PM
  25. Sopheap Sithorn's Avatar

    It's about 7pm 21st May 2014 which is today, my neighbor start turn on their lights. It was windy and cloudy the whole city where the big rain is pouring down. The lightening everywhere as seen in the photo. Taken by iPhone 5 and edit with iPhoto app on iPhone

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    05-21-2014 08:16 AM
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