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What's my iPhone worth?
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    The iPhone is the best camera you have with you all the time, and that's why fashion photographers and models alike often use it to take and share fun photos while on shoots. Nothing beats a DSLR for final photos, but increasingly the iPhone is the new polaroid for everything else on set. Add in the power and community of Instagram and it really is a whole new world for fashion photography.

    If you take fashion shots with your iPhone, please share them here!

    If you want to learn how, check out this tutorial and then post the results!

    - How to take amazing fashion photos with your iPhone
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    (snipped) Nothing beats a DSLR for final photos, but increasingly the iPhone is the new polaroid for everything else ...(snipped)
    I definitely agree with the aforementioned statement.
    05-03-2013 09:15 AM
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    I did a budoir style shoot with a model using mostly hipstamatic with minor edits and 645Pro for some shots. There is no nudity but the model is in her underwear. Photos are not meant to be anything other than fashion and artistic photos. You can see them all on my instagram account @illusionist987 and on IG at the hash #myfirsthipstadventure
    Attached Thumbnails iPhone fashion photography-431582_10200854598593024_548420009_n.jpg   iPhone fashion photography-482410_10200855797863005_932874383_n.jpg   iPhone fashion photography-483740_10200854752916882_1439996341_n.jpg   iPhone fashion photography-487719_10200887365612179_469899722_n.jpg   iPhone fashion photography-549962_10200857712190862_1881029678_n.jpg  

    iPhone fashion photography-550028_10200856445999208_989619408_n.jpg   iPhone fashion photography-580687_10200860928231261_442432669_n.jpg   iPhone fashion photography-23404_10200860294575420_2131460412_n.jpg   iPhone fashion photography-188906_10200867476514964_1402424512_n.jpg   iPhone fashion photography-481286_10200866803538140_1066447298_n.jpg  

    iPhone fashion photography-483660_10200873774952421_678972269_n.jpg   iPhone fashion photography-426538_10200860375177435_814503218_n.jpg   iPhone fashion photography-486548_10200867108785771_653745704_n.jpg   iPhone fashion photography-374454_10200883091105319_383393806_n.jpg  
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