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    I love love love iPhoto on my iPad. It is powerful, intuitive, and straightforward. I like easily sharing my pictures to Facebook as well. The problem is that I now have over 300 edited pictures and thousands more imported that didn't make the cut. Even my camera roll has several hundred photos. The result is:

    1. I can't delete photos from iPhoto, and if I accidentally delete the original using the photos app, it deletes all my edits in iPhoto as well, so I'm afraid to do much deleting in photos even though I often have 10 similar photos for every 1 that I end up editing. My 64 gb iPad is getting full just because of photos.

    2. The only way I can find to export the iPhoto pictures to a flat jpg is to select them 1 at a time and export, which takes about 15 seconds, followed by another 15 seconds while iPhoto updates the library. Exporting 300 photos at the rate of less than 2 per minute is tedious and frustrating.

    Has anybody found a safe way to delete outtake photos easily? Also, does anybody know how to efficiently save edited photos as high-quality jpg files suitable for printing for grandparents?
    08-07-2012 02:56 PM
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    3 weeks and no ideas? How about ideas on where to go to get ideas?
    08-27-2012 03:33 PM
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    3 weeks and no ideas? How about ideas on where to go to get ideas?
    I have not tried it, but one solution my be to try and export the images using the Image Capture app (if connecting to a Macintosh.) This is the tool I use to back-up all my photos from the iPhone - but of course I am grabbing them from the Camera Roll.
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    08-28-2012 09:14 AM
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    If your computer is a Mac, the advice that goingMOBILE offered should work flawlessly for you. I haven't used a Windows computer in years, but I assume that there is a similar method. When you connect an I-device to avWindows computer, does it show up as a separate drive? If so, you *should* be able to see your photos and then transfer them off of your device. Again, it's been awhile since I've used a Windows pc so this is speculation on my part.
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    08-28-2012 09:42 AM

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