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    This week's photo contest is all about gadgets! We know how much our readers here at iMore love their gadgets and so we're giving you a chance to show them off! Do you have one gadget you love the most? Let's see it? Have a gadget that's extremely rare and perhaps an antique? Show it off! Have too many gadgets to count and are possible a little embarrassed to admit how man you have? We want to see them all! And as always, get creative!

    The prize: Glif tripod mount and stand!

    The rules

    The rules of entry are very simple. The photo must have been taken with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (we'll check the EXIF data of the original file to verify) and any edits must have been done with an iPhone or iPad app. No Photoshop CS6! If you have external lens accessories you are more than welcome to use them. You can submit as many photos as you'd like, but remember, this is a contest, so make sure you submit your best work!


    Now, before you run off to take your photos, remember that it's not technical skill alone that will claim this prize. Even if you're not the best photographer (yet!), a great eye and a great subject can still get you the win. However, a little help can never hurt, so make sure you check out these articles from our iPhone photography series for some tips.

    How to make your iPhone photography more striking with the rule of thirds
    How to make your iPhone photographs more powerful with negative space
    How to take amazing macro photos with your iPhone

    The contest begins now and ends next Wednesday, July 25 at 9p Pacific.
    07-19-2012 03:11 PM
  2. MrCippy's Avatar
    Back of the Nexus 7. I used the Macro attachment from the OlloClip and iPhoto to edit a bit. Not much.
    07-19-2012 03:44 PM
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    Hi, here are two shots i wanted to enter. One of the iPhone 4 and the other is a polaroid. I'm not sure if they will include the fact i took them with an iPhone on their data because i had to re-download them with . But i'll include a link to my profile.

    Both images taken with an iPhone 4 and edited with instagram.

    Instagram name: Lux148
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    07-19-2012 03:53 PM
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    So for this contest I thought i would introduce one of my first tech toys that I've ever had. It is the Lego Mindstorms NXT and it's basically a kit for building a robot with little Lego pieces and then programming it with your computer. For the pic, i used the stock camera app to take the pic and then i edited it by cropping it and then adding the cool solarize effect from the FX PhotoStudio app. This made my gadget look more futuristic. Hope you like it!

    Edit: .. I'm also including the original picture before all edits
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    07-20-2012 01:04 PM
  5. Rocktapus's Avatar
    before the iPhone came along...i was shooting with film, and had to stop for a while because it got really pricey to continue to shoot. then i learned about the Hipstamatic app, which is probably the closest to the feel of shooting film out of all the apps out there...and also the reason i decided to get an iPhone. but after seeing the oversaturation of filter apps for making things look vintage, i asked myself "why should i put my photos through filters to look like it was taken with an old film camera...when i can just shoot with an actual old film camera?"

    showcasing my love for nature and mechanical analogue cameras. :]

    only editing in this was with Instagram, to enhance the colors.
    07-20-2012 07:45 PM
  6. psiclne's Avatar
    Taken with the regular camera on the 4s and edited in SnapSeed

    The Black Motorola Startac when Pacific Bell Wireless launched.

    07-21-2012 08:21 PM
  7. andybno1's Avatar
    good old original Game Boy and still works 23 years on

    Used Hipstamatic to take the pic, used Jane Lens & Ina's 1982 Film

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    07-22-2012 08:52 AM
  8. Joebin's Avatar
    My first and still working iPod mini. The battery is completely dead, so I use it in my car with a charger. Shot with Hipstamatic on iPhone 4. Jane lens + Ina's 1982 film. No other edit.
    07-22-2012 09:08 AM
  9. hggs's Avatar
    I love my iPod touch, so in an homage to its use, here it is, scratches and all. Taken with a 4S (Camera+) and edited in Snapseed.

    Attachment 17530Attachment 17531Attachment 17532
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    07-22-2012 01:11 PM
  10. psiclne's Avatar
    Taken with the stock camera and edited with the Iris app

    The evolution of iPod - The first "windows" version ipod, the classic and finally the ipod touch

    07-22-2012 02:22 PM
  11. Tujax's Avatar
    Taken with iPhone 4. Featuring Macbook Pro, iPhone 3, Sony Nex-7, Apple Time Capsule, Joby GorillaPod, GrippIt tripod. Used ProHDR app on iPhone 4 and iPhoto on Ipad 2 for editing.
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    07-22-2012 05:12 PM
  12. k_kjong's Avatar
    Attachment 17544 taken with stock Camera on my 4S, with HDR on. Then edited using Snapseed and iPhoto.
    These are the most important gadgets for me, at the moment (the 4S should've been there ). My Dell XPS 15, my BlackBerry 9700 (cannot do without a BlackBerry here in Indonesia), a Nintendo 3DS (currently playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time), a WD Elements Portable 1TB, and of course, a GSM new iPad 32GB.
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    07-23-2012 05:19 AM
  13. SimpleAsItSeems's Avatar
    First entry ever! My Nikon FE with a 50mm 1.8 Series E lens. Taken with my iPhone 4S (Duh!), edited with Camera+ and VSCO Cam
    07-24-2012 10:57 AM
  14. coskier's Avatar
    I think this was one of my first technological gadgets - the Dataman calculator from 1977. Can't believe I still have it.

    07-24-2012 08:10 PM
  15. CG68's Avatar
    My trifecta of Apple gadgets (MacBook Air, iPad, & iPhone) taken with my iPad.

    07-24-2012 08:45 PM
  16. CamKrohn's Avatar
    taken with the iPhone 4S
    07-25-2012 12:59 AM