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    I know quite a few people have tried out YOUBIQ's Gymbl tripod/case so if you have one I'd appreciate if you could answer a couple questions. But first a little background that could possibly help you answer/understand my questions. I had bought the Diffcase and almost immediately hated it. The plastic felt cheap and overall just seemed like a bumper with two lids and tripod threads. Secondly, as much as I adore taking photos with my iPhone, it still functions primarily as my phone and the the Diffcase just didn't cater to that need. Lastly, I like all the cool functions of some of the more adventurous cases like this one The iPhone Rangefinder but it's so impractical for everyday use. Anyways here are my questions:

    1) Is the case protective enough? I wouldn't say I frequently drop my iPhone but I do it enough for it to be a pretty large concern.

    2) Would you say that the actual case that comes in the whole Gymbl package is practical for everyday use or is too photography specialized?

    3) Does it offer any unique features other than the tripod it comes with?

    Thank you!
    05-23-2012 03:38 PM
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    Oh also,

    What are the negatives of the Gymbl? Is there anything that bothers you about it?
    05-23-2012 04:02 PM
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    Anyone? I thought that one of the writer's for imore uses the gymbl and might want to help me out.
    05-25-2012 01:08 PM