1. ransonju's Avatar
    I've heard that Apple is phasing out the use of the volume up button as the shutter control. Rumor is the iPhone 5 will have a dedicated shutter button.

    I find it much easier to use the button for shots with the camera in landscape orientation than to press the screen shutter button. It also seems to reduce camera shake.

    Does this upset anyone else? Am I the only one that primarily uses the volume up control?
    04-19-2012 12:37 PM
  2. coskier's Avatar
    I don't really use it, but I have been looking at the bluetooth shutter release that would work perfect with my Gliff. (The iPhone Shutter Remote) I am sure it's based on the bluetooth volume up concept, but it also looks like it requires the Belkin photo app, and that isn't getting very good reviews. I'll have to hunt around and see if I have a generic Bluetooth headset I could use the volume up trick with (doesn't work with my Plantronics).
    04-19-2012 12:51 PM