1. Leanna Lofte's Avatar
    What's your favorite app for taking panoramic photos with your iPhone? Mine is AutoStitch.
    04-01-2012 01:39 AM
  2. oklanole's Avatar
    I like photosynth. Although it is the only one that I have ever tried.

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    04-01-2012 02:07 AM
  3. RedDevil#IM's Avatar
    I use AutoStitch for quality pics but I also use 360 (far more regularly) when I'm out on site taking measurement to show my draughtsmen back at the office. 360 Is a lot faster and "easier" imo.

    I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?btrgdt
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    04-01-2012 03:04 AM
  4. Mella's Avatar
    I take two: photosynth and 360 Panorama
    Both are works very well for me, and the 360 Panorama getting better after updating!
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    04-01-2012 04:30 AM
  5. Alli's Avatar
    +1 for Photosynth, and I've tried them all.
    04-01-2012 08:39 AM
  6. joey191x's Avatar
    Recommend Panorama™. It is created by Wondershare. It adds real-effects to panos.
    06-28-2012 04:32 AM
  7. coskier's Avatar
    Photosynth does a much better job than AutoStitch in my experience. And it also gives you the standard, static image as well as the interactive 'Synth' that you can view online. I took a couple of good ones in NYC this week.

    Apollo Theater

    WTC/ Ground Zero

    Staten Island Yankees stadium
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    06-28-2012 05:52 PM
  8. marthaz123's Avatar
    I am a huge fan of "Pano" and "360" - the latter is cool for interacting with a panoramic image. And Pano has greatly improved over time and does an awesome job of stitching images together!
    06-28-2012 09:31 PM
  9. Daspoo's Avatar
    +1 for Pano. Easy-to-use interface, stable, and the end product is pretty good.
    06-28-2012 11:45 PM
  10. Lucy Carter's Avatar
    I like Photosynth and Pixspeak-Now..

    These 2 are best Panoramic Photos Apps
    06-29-2012 08:06 AM
  11. Brickman's Avatar
    +1 for AutoStitch! I will have to check out the others mention though.
    06-29-2012 08:09 AM
  12. Yepiz92's Avatar
    Power Cam I've tried all of them and this app is easy to use and great results.
    08-19-2012 01:37 PM
  13. Duvi's Avatar
    PhotoSynth. Easy to use and works. I like the social feature with being able to put it on PhotoSynth.net!

    Not mine, but this is one I saw on the website: Sagrada Familia Barcelona - Photosynth
    08-19-2012 05:47 PM
  14. LVMHgirl's Avatar
    Love Photosynth but will check out the others too!
    08-19-2012 07:28 PM
  15. ahals's Avatar
    I've been using Dermandar since it makes taking panos with out a tripod the easiest, imo. I'm not to into the 360 degrees panos but so far I've preferred 360Panorama. I haven't tried Autostitch yet but it seems pretty useful.
    08-20-2012 04:42 PM