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    "GEORGIA ON MY MIND"--Everyday footage taken with iPhone 4S.

    (best viewed at 1080p)

    My Sony Vegas not working. So, took footage 1) using Movie Looks app (CinemaFX app 1080p rendering now available) in iTunes to apply Cinematic look, render directly from my phone, and 2) merging the .mov clips using QuickTime (Free or Pro).

    It's a bit longer than most shorts but I wanted to test out this camera everywhere--environments of color, low-light, sunlight, people, nature, objects near/far, city lighting, etc.

    I now believe in iPhoneography.

    Link 1 : Merge multiple video files using the free version of QuickTime | MacYourself...

    Link 2: How to add another audio track to a MOV video file for macs...

    Link 3: http://www.gbradhopkins.com/archives...7/videoaudio_e...

    Song: The Venice Dreamer Pt. 2 by George Winston (Connecting to the iTunes Store.)

    Another cinematic video:

    iPhone 4s Video - 1080p Film/Cinematic Look using Movie Looks iTunes App via reddit.com (less info)
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