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    Hello Boyles and Ghouls!

    Halloween is almost upon us, but nothing is scarier right now for Canon 5D MK II owners than a side-by-side comparison of the capabilities of both.

    I recently came across an excellent comparison of the 4S's video camera compared to the Canon 5D MK II which simply stunned me. Yes, the 5D has an advantage, but for most cases (as least as far as this comparison is concerned), the iPhone 4S did incredibly well.

    This test was posted to Vimeo by Robino Films, so I take no credit whatsoever for the test, but I wanted other iPhone photo enthusiasts to see this asap!

    Here's the link:
    iPhone 4S / Canon 5d MKII Side by Side Comparison on Vimeo

    The most noticeable differences between the iPhone 4S and 5D MK II where mainly color and the smoothness at which the 5D captures frames. Overall though, most shots between the two are very comparable. I can see a bit more color depth with the 5D, and it is noticeable in several shots, but mainly look at the lids on the trash cans . Oddly though, the sky in the same shot was more blue on the 4S than on the Canon. I'm not sure why the colors seem more dull in some cases, but I do know the iPhone tends to slightly oversaturate colors.

    In the following shot, you can see the MAJOR artifacts that appear on the video billboards. This is likely due to the way the 4S captures a frame, by scanning each line of the sensor individually, instead of capturing the full frame all at once. This is also noticeable to a small degree in the shots of the cars driving down the road. The 4S appears a bit more jittery to me.

    The conclusion, however, is that BOTH footage is VERY usable. It would be quite easy to get rid of the jittery motion of the cars, and balance and enhance colors more easily using products like Adobe Premier and After Effects, though I'm not sure if either could compensate for the frequency difference of the video billboards. Still, I was incredibly impressed, especially since I was considering a 5D MK II several months ago for shooting video.

    Be sure to watch the full video in HD, especially the full frame shots at the end. Maybe you'll be as impressed as I was?
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    thanks for the link!

    before the 4S, i've been using an iTouch 4th gen for shooting video and using apps for post production to enhance the images. people have commented on how nice my camera was when they see my videos, only to realize they've been fooled when i tell them what i shot it with.

    i haven't done any serious shooting with the 4S yet, but i have a few projects coming up. thanks again for the video!
    10-26-2011 12:33 PM