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    hopefully this doesn't come off as promoting my youtube channel...but basically, these two apps are my two favorite apps for post-production video editing. after seeing "Where The Wild Things Are" (2009) by Spike Jonze, i decided i really loved the soft feel of the film..and finally with these two apps, i was able to capture the feeling of it. its even tricked some of my friends into think i used a DSLR to shoot some of my videos.

    heres how i capture the effect..

    VIDEOFIX [for color treatment]
    use the "FIX" option, and lower the temperature while slightly raising the brightness

    TILTSHIFT [for depth-of-field]
    just highlight the focal point of your shot. you may want to split your shot into different clips if there are multiple angles.

    [a dance reel]
    [a video journal of my trip to the zoo]

    i'm just trying to get this forum started, since i am MAJORLY into iphone videography. :]
    09-20-2011 11:49 PM