1. ElectroLund's Avatar
    My daughter is almost 2. It would be great to shoot video from my iPhone and edit it on the phone for the relatives!
    09-20-2011 02:01 PM
  2. arjundutt's Avatar
    I am planning a number of trips to the Caribbean to get away from this chilly cold Chicago winter. I want to do a lot of scuba diving and other activities, and would be great to be able to edit all the movies I take so I am not sending raw video clips to friends and family.
    09-20-2011 02:05 PM
  3. thehairybadger's Avatar
    i'm currently doing a media course at college and because my debit card keeps keeps getting denied by iTunes i cant buy this app which i really need :/ please i really need this app.
    09-20-2011 02:06 PM
  4. Keroro's Avatar
    It would be great for shooting on the ipad, editing directly, and uploading to the internet, all on one device.
    09-20-2011 02:08 PM
  5. Gazelledrp's Avatar
    My wife and I would love a copy of this. We are expecting a baby in February. It would be amazing to edit and post video of our baby on the Internet from our IPhone or IPad!

    09-20-2011 02:08 PM
  6. Tallon's Avatar
    yeah... yeah... ditto... what they said... count me in... it would be great to have something for free instead of paying for it...
    09-20-2011 02:15 PM
  7. ldeffinbaugh's Avatar
    I have recently started getting into working on movies with my iPhone. It would be great to start making movies
    09-20-2011 02:16 PM
  8. Farmdreads's Avatar
    I just took a bunch of footage at Burning Man and I need a clever yet easy way to show it off. Check out what we build this year - the Cyclameleon - a four person bike with a giant chameleon on top! the Cyclameleon
    09-20-2011 02:27 PM
  9. OrionAntares#CB's Avatar
    I'd like a copy to try it out and see just how well it compares to what I can do on my PC.
    09-20-2011 02:28 PM
  10. babyjsmom's Avatar
    I take tons of videos of the kids on my iphone and would love to have iMovie to edit them. What a great app.
    09-20-2011 02:29 PM
  11. GervTini's Avatar
    Please choose me...
    09-20-2011 02:41 PM
  12. dhut1832's Avatar
    I have really transitioned to taking all of my on-the-go photos and videos with my iphone 4 instead of carrying digital cameras now. I do alot of traveling, events, and just always on the move. I would really love to get a copy of the app so I can make really nice shows/movies on the go as I go. This would be a big help with having to carry a laptop around just to do so, and can complete it all from my iphone and ipad. Hope I'm a lucky winner. Thanks TiPb!!
    09-20-2011 02:51 PM
  13. Jharperflw's Avatar
    Our house is a major reality show 24-7 and is missing something! Oh yeah...footage!! I have great clips on my iPhone but now need to edit them for some outstanding moments to send to our family spread out all across the country. Also, I shoot fishing shows around the country and need to be able to quickly turn these clips around for the Internet. I can't always have my laptop and FCP when I'm on the plane. PLEASE help me work and play more efficiently!!!
    09-20-2011 02:53 PM
  14. TheTechFan's Avatar
    To create my next epic movie, of course!
    09-20-2011 02:58 PM
  15. Freiteez's Avatar
    I film and edit all the time on my Mac. Would love to try iMovie for the iPhone since I'm always taking video. Whether it's my 2 year old twin nieces or just random family birthdays. Would love to edit straight from my phone. Awesome giveaway!!
    09-20-2011 02:58 PM
  16. TheTechFan's Avatar
    To make my next epic movie, of course!
    09-20-2011 03:03 PM
  17. guidedbywez's Avatar
    I just started using my iPad for movie taking for my classroom lectures. This app might help!
    09-20-2011 03:08 PM
  18. BrandonP333's Avatar
    I've never won anything on this site but I really hope to win this app because it will turn my depressing attempts at professional video taking to decent pieces including headings and such.

    Thanks a lot,

    09-20-2011 03:17 PM
  19. kilo720's Avatar
    I want it so I can edit all the video I recorded of fails,party,funny moment etc & edit them into a nice little package so the world can see
    09-20-2011 03:24 PM
  20. rebel5fx's Avatar
    Thanks for the freebie!

    I definitely will put it to good use as I'm starting a new business to make movies at children's birthday parties. I can edit the video on the fly on the iPad and show it to the birthday boy/girl and their friends.

    Good luck to everyone
    09-20-2011 03:37 PM
  21. budda63's Avatar
    My son's got an ipod Touch, and is a budding Hitchcock. I'm sure that this giveaway will benefit him. I'll make sure he mentions this when he's accepting his Oscar.
    09-20-2011 03:38 PM
  22. Macattack's Avatar
    Why do I want to win a copy of iMovie? It's simple. Editing HD movies on my iPhone would be phenomenally cool!
    09-20-2011 03:39 PM
  23. matharris's Avatar
    I would love to have a copy of this cause I'm planning on getting my girlfriend an iPad 2 and she loves taking movies on her iPhone. This would make it so much easier for her to edit and create.
    09-20-2011 03:40 PM
  24. anon(631408)'s Avatar
    I love the mac version and really would like iphone version. I almost bought it the other day but passed for now. Help a brother out!
    09-20-2011 03:42 PM
  25. MAGNUS's Avatar
    Jut got back from y honeymoon and would love to make some slideshows/videos with all the pics/footage I captured on my iPhone. (I forgot to pack my camera charger so I was left to use my phone for the week)

    I love I movie on my Mac and would LOVE to have it on my iPhone.
    09-20-2011 03:52 PM
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