1. BBGary's Avatar
    Yesterday had to do Internet Recovery for my MBP2012 and after upgrading to Sierra I started to have this problem when opening Safari or setting up email will trigger multiple pop ups asking to access Local Items keychain. Entering my password doesn't help. I tried to setup iCloud Keychain and it triggers the same pop ups and prevents me from working.
    I am wondering if this has anything to do with setting up 2 factor authentication 2 days before this trouble of popping pop ups appeared.
    Please help and share any source of information on that.
    Thank you very much iMore Nation
    02-28-2017 08:23 AM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Since I'm not quite understanding what is happening, can you post a screenshot of the pop-up youre getting? If you opt to post the screenshot, please blot out or blur any personal information that may be visible. Thanks.
    02-28-2017 07:15 PM

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