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    I cannot get Handoff to work between my i7 and late 2015 15" MBPr. i7 on 10.2 and MBPr on 10.12.2. Recently rebooted both devices. When calls come in on my i7, the MBPr sees them and I can answer on the computer without a problem. When text messages come in on my i7, the MBPr receives a notification with the same message. However, I cannot get Mail or Messages to "handoff" from my i7 to my MBPr. I'm trying to get my in-progress email or messages to open up the corresponding Mac app and this doesn't work even when following all directions on this support page I have all apps signed into the same Apple ID and verified this on Messages/Mail/Facetime on my i7 as well as the Mac versions. BT on for both devices (but not "paired" as I tried this when things weren't working and Mac fails to pair with i7), connected to same Wifi network. Handoff setting enabled on both devices. When I have my Mac Mail open on and composing an email on i7 and then try to do Handoff, I don't even see the small Mail app icon on the lockscreen now. There have been times in the past that this app (or another) icon appeared on the bottom left of the lockscreen but I have never seen it since upgrading to 10.2.

    I will note that I also have a second Apple ID in use on both devices as my family shared an Apple ID for iTunes and App Store purchases so we don't all have to buy the same thing multiple times across each of our personal Apple IDs. The latter is used for the main iCloud settings (Contacts, Calendars, Messages, Mail, etc) on both iPhones and Macs. I don't think this setup is all that uncommon nor should it cause an issue according to the steps noted in setting up Handoff. However, I'll mention in case someone can verify (not speculate) that this causes an issue with Handoff.

    Any suggestions?
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    12-28-2016 05:30 PM
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    Have you tried to completely sign out of iCloud on the phone and Mac? Then sign back in to see if there is any changes? I also used the same Apple ID for purchases, up until Family Sharing was worked out. When I did use the same Apple ID for purchases handoff still worked as expected.

    On a side, note you should look into Family Sharing as it works great. As a bonus there is no chance for cross pollination on Apple ID's since everyone has a completely unique ID on their devices and no cross over.
    12-29-2016 08:49 AM

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