1. semperidem's Avatar
    I opted to stop recieving public beta updates for macOS Seirra after the final version was released, but now every couple of days or so, I get an undissmissable notifiaction telling me I can update. I have to click it and close the App Store for it to go away.

    I'm not sure if I missed a step in unenrolling or this is something else. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    11-16-2016 11:45 AM
  2. olearydan's Avatar
    In System Preferences -> App Store do you see a line that says "Your system is set to receive beta software updates?"
    11-16-2016 12:51 PM
  3. semperidem's Avatar
    I changed this option when I unenrolled, and it's no longer present in system preferences. Still getting notifications and automatic downloads.
    11-20-2016 12:39 PM
  4. Ericclark4's Avatar
    Possibly contact Apple, or you could go to the site or setting (I'm not sure) and see if your still enrolled (even though you unenrolled) You could also look to see if the email has an option to unsubscribe to Apple's email service for beta releases
    11-24-2016 03:28 PM
  5. semperidem's Avatar
    I'll have to keep looking into options, but thanks for your advice! For right now, it's mostly just annoying to have to deal with the update pop up.
    11-26-2016 10:50 AM

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