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    So I eagerly await Sierra becoming available. App Store shows it is released and available to download. So I download a 4.x GB file via the App Store. The installation starts only to tell me that there isn't enough space. Not a problem. I remove some of the bigger apps until the installer is happy with the amount of free space and then it lets the process start and it continues for a while.

    It then tells me there isn't enough space and gives me the option of shutting down or restarting. Shutting down isn't going to help (I tried it) but restarting takes me into a loop whereby the the MacBook Air restarts then goes into the install process only to - again - tell me there isn't enough space.

    How do I break the loop in order to make some more space and therefore let the install proceed?

    Any suggestions gratefully received!!

    09-21-2016 04:06 AM
  2. markfernandes's Avatar
    I tried restarting the Macbook Air a few times while I looked online for a solution. Oddly, after one of the attempts the installation process continued and, eventually, completed. Bear in mind I wasn't able to free up any space during this time. So now I have Sierra installed (thankfully) and with more free space than I had originally.

    If you are going to be upgrading it might be worth freeing up some 'extra, free space' beyond what is described as the minimum - just in case.

    Thanks all the same!
    09-21-2016 07:28 AM

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