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    So, thought I'd share my exciting adventure last night after I tried doing a clean install of OSX el capitain. I wanted to do a clean install of the operating system (deleting the hard drive and reinstalling the OS) for a number of reasons. So I contacted apple support over the phone so they could walk me through it and what ended up happening as I tried to reformat and erase the drive in recovery mode, per there instructions, I received an error saying that the core storage had failed, or something along those lines. Now my Macintosh if was no longer there and it was only the fusion drive. I couldn't partition, erase or do anything. So after being put on hold for about 20 minutes eventually I was transferred to one of the senior advisors who, after trying literally everything else, walked me through erasing and deleting the core storage of the fusion drive. This required many command into terminal and finally I was able to get the drive back and reinstall OS X.

    My question though is why this happened and if this is a known issue with erasing fusion drives? Am I just some special snowflake that had this issue? And should I expect any issues down the road with my computer because I rebuilt the core storage? Anyway, just curious.
    09-11-2016 02:47 PM

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