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    I remember this "Sleepy Start" happening a few times when on Mountain Lion, but it was remedied from Mavericks on.. Now that I've done the El Capitan upgrade, once again my iMac will show a 'foggy' display when awakened from sleep. It also takes a few seconds to establish connection with both keyboard and mouse ( stock wireless keyboard, magic mouse ) ..Before the update I had simply tapped the space-bar or done a mouse click to awaken but I must now tap the power switch to start getting things back to life - not a serious issue but definitely a change. I imagine that the space-bar tap and or mouse click to awaken don't work right off because in its sleep state the bluetooth isn't active. This only happens after sleeps of several hours -i.e. I have it sleep after 45 minutes of inactivity, and most 'daytime re-awakenings' are thus normal, with only longer ( 4 hours or so +/- and overnight sleeps whether automatically entered or manually selected, causing this behaviour. My power preferences have display and computer sleep the same at 45 min, and 'put hard disks to sleep when possible'. On awakening I now see ( on the foggy display as dots, ) or if I get the white display with Apple logo, a 'progress bar' as one would see during a software update, for about 20-30 seconds as the awakening occurs... Ive never seen those before in the 3 years I've had this computer. Any comments would be appreciated
    01-01-2016 07:59 AM

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