1. OZsMac's Avatar
    I've searched these forums and also asked Google quite a bit, sadly I can't find any verified solution for 10.10.X

    Issue : I like to have my Dock on the left hand side of my screen, problem is that the shadow (visual element) overlays anything next to it, making it look quite bad (and distracting), see attached screen shot.

    I see a few solutions that allow you to turn off shadows for screen shots, just not the actual main window.

    Thanks for any pointers.

    Removing dock shadow-screen-shot-2015-07-15-4.17.00-pm.png
    07-15-2015 01:21 AM
  2. OZsMac's Avatar
    Just found one answer, a little "heavier" than I'd like, but does the job, download and install "cDock" and use the theme Basic.

    w0lfHub - cDock
    07-15-2015 01:34 AM
  3. iluckylab's Avatar
    You also change properties "Automatically hide and show the Dock" on Dock setting.
    03-20-2016 11:02 PM

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