1. SOV's Avatar
    I created a 60GB Partition for OS X Yosemite. Installation went fine and its working fine.

    The issue is I noticed in Disk Utility the Main Partition, or Disk Name, was renamed to the 2nd partition.

    I'll post a picture below. Anyone know how to fix this?

    Main Partition Renamed?-capturfiles-04-11-2014_08.11.13.jpg
    06-04-2014 07:16 PM
  2. nikkisharif's Avatar
    I'm not sure there is a way to change that. I created a partition so I can run Windows & it does the same thing. If there is a fix, hopefully someone will chime in.
    06-05-2014 05:29 PM
  3. wrldwzrd89's Avatar
    I saw the exact same thing on my iMac 2011, which I tested Yosemite on for a while. No word on a fix here, either.
    06-29-2014 05:01 PM
  4. SOV's Avatar
    I was able to fix this.

    Here is the solution per a thread on Apple's Developer forums


    1.) Go to Terminal
    2.) Type "diskutil cs list" (NOTE: The quotations are not a part of the command)
    3.) Find the UUID string associate with the Yosemite partition. (NOTE: It will look like a line of about 15 numbers and letters or so)
    4.) Then Type "diskutil coreStorage revert <lvUUID>" (NOTE: The "<>" are not used. This is where you place the UUID string found above.

    Bam, about 10 seconds later it's fixed!
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    06-29-2014 10:06 PM

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