1. jsntrenkler's Avatar
    Hey there Mavericks users, just wondering how you set up your dock? Did you leave it in the out of the box position (On the bottom) or have you moved it to the left or the right on your screen? Also do you have any dock tweaks that you can share?

    I keep mine to the left with auto hide enabled ... Gives me some more space on the screen
    11-28-2013 01:36 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    11-28-2013 01:45 PM
  3. bigdad84's Avatar
    By all means the bottom
    11-28-2013 04:37 PM
  4. warcraftWidow's Avatar
    11-28-2013 05:33 PM
  5. Blackcash's Avatar
    Bottom. Being on an iMac, I have plenty of real estate on the screen.
    11-29-2013 09:19 AM
  6. BenitoC's Avatar
    I have it on the bottom.
    11-29-2013 07:19 PM
  7. jman0829's Avatar
    11-29-2013 08:48 PM
  8. Bazza1's Avatar
    With the 16:9 ratio on my 11" Air, the side (Left). Offers me more vertical viewing area, while the widescreen means I still have a decent horizontal area.
    11-29-2013 08:50 PM
  9. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    12-01-2013 07:59 PM
  10. FritzDaCat's Avatar
    For my design work, I always find myself needing more vertical space and less horizontal.
    12-01-2013 08:20 PM
  11. TurboTiger's Avatar
    It's at the bottom with the hide feature enabled.
    Good Luck
    12-01-2013 10:44 PM
  12. CDG's Avatar
    Side left hidden on my 13" MBP and bottom hidden on my 27" iMac

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
    12-01-2013 11:07 PM
  13. zerog46's Avatar
    Bottom. Never been a big fan of the side dock
    12-01-2013 11:54 PM
  14. Algus's Avatar
    bottom. I used to use the XFCE dock on my laptop so I was actually right at home when I first started using OS X and had the dock there. I even have a dock installed on my Windows partition now as I'm so used to using it lol!
    12-03-2013 07:04 AM
  15. abazigal's Avatar
    At the bottom with auto-hide enabled. Use finder and dashboard to launch apps.
    anon8383645 likes this.
    12-04-2013 11:41 PM
  16. jmr1015's Avatar
    12-05-2013 12:48 AM
  17. Blue Shift's Avatar
    Bottom, and hidden.
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    12-05-2013 09:09 AM
  18. rneglia's Avatar
    Left on 13" MBA
    12-05-2013 09:35 AM
  19. anon8383645's Avatar
    Also bottom and auto hide.
    01-07-2014 06:55 PM
  20. stooovie's Avatar
    Right. I guess im the only one on widescreen displays, vertical space is already scarce.

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
    01-14-2014 07:02 PM
  21. dc9super80's Avatar
    On the left for me. Stems back to my Ubuntu days.

    Tapatalking from my dependable 64GB iPhone 5
    01-14-2014 07:15 PM
  22. Ed7789's Avatar
    I prefer it on the bottom, since when I'm using dual-displays, I have it on both screens.
    01-14-2014 08:42 PM
  23. nikkisharif's Avatar
    Hidden at the bottom
    01-14-2014 09:22 PM
  24. iOS Gravity's Avatar
    I only used a Mac once and I thought the bottom was best for me.
    01-16-2014 06:29 PM
  25. anon5664829's Avatar
    On the bottom.

    Posted via the Android iMore App!
    01-18-2014 01:44 AM
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