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    I have decided to make the switch... but the when and how is still being decided, and I thought I'd come here for help and suggestions.

    I have decided to switch not because I am unhappy with my PC's performance, or because iOS>Android... I have just decided I am looking for a change I suppose, maybe consistent and expected updates too.

    Currently I use some cheap-o Toshiba laptop which was purchased at a Walmart. It has been alive and kicking for nearly four years, which is more than I expected out of a sub $300.00 laptop.

    For my phone I am using a Motorola Atrix HD on AT&T. Very happy with it's performance, application catalog, and battery life.

    What is it that is attracting me to Apple? I think it's the solid ecosystem as a whole. I know that if I have recent hardware, it will all work together. I also know to expect timely updates to both hardware and software... usually near an expected date.

    Something that frustrates me on the Android side is that I find it hard to stay satisfied with one device. I purchase one for a set of features that I'd really like to have, then all of a sudden there are five more devices with new feature sets I want ("Need"). You have no idea how much money I waste here... NO CLUE. haha

    Essentially I am looking for your opinion on my "plan of attack" here.

    I have everything in Google docs, Google Play Music, and my photo library is backed up on an external hard drive.

    Honestly... Overwhelmed.
    09-25-2012 04:26 PM
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    Okay, this isn't as scary as it may seem. Would you want to switch to iCloud, or do you want to stay with google? You can do either, but there are some small perks to switching to iCloud.

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    09-25-2012 04:30 PM
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    Def a good choice and the main thing I agree with is when u said iOS is a better "ecosystem" which is true entirely. Everything compliments one another with Apple products. I find that iPhone is just easier to use on a daily basis and it is a lot smoother than other phones. And don't believe the BS that those android people say about how u can't customize the iPhone that's complete bull. My iPhone is fully set to exactly how I want it u can change wallpapers and everything. Android u can do it a bit more but it gets redundant and I found myself never satisfied, it seems as if Apple found the sweet spot in terms of customization. Good luck your gonna love apple

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    09-25-2012 04:45 PM
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    I have been using the iPhone 4s for about 5 months since switching from BlackBerry, then Android. I have tested every platform known to man. I have used almost all BlackBerry devices and a few Android devices. All posed issues to my daily life. Either it was device management, battery life, or just simple tasks. I was ready for the change. Never thought the day would come I would move to a Apple device. I have supported them in tech support at work and tested them over the years are carrier stores, but never pushed my self to be open minded to iOS and it’s core operation.

    After my last Android device which was good in sense of operation. Everyday usage was not up to par with me and I was using it very little on some days. Now the fact that screen size and 4G do come into play. But why chop a mobile device capabilities in half to fully use it on a daily basis…. An option I did not want to continue to be involved in…. So I bailed.

    The day of activation went with out a hitch, as I already knew what I was getting into and pre- planned the whole iCloud process. one word - Simple. It was a great feeling to have a clean slate and hoping for no issues to arise. Things just work. Applications just work. As of writing this post, my device uptime is 29 days which out any OS lag or reboots.

    Now, not one device that works for one, may not work well for another. which is why I love what else is out there. Keep engineers thinking and making improvements to what is already out there, and make it better. But some things need to change in some device before I even have a itch in switching to something else.

    I have been able to do everything I wanted to do before on a mobile device and more. My time is money, work or personal. I need to be able to accomplish a task with in minutes of picking up my phone. Now I can actually enjoy pictures of my daughter growing up with the awesome camera and display and conduct emergency service business with countless fool proof applications, which is pertinent for my other lines of work.

    I am excited to what is down the pipe in the near future.
    09-25-2012 05:08 PM
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    I am not looking to turn this into an anti-android thread. I do LOVE Android, and we need to remember that I have been using this since the T-Mobile G1. I am just very open to other platforms... iOS included. "Why is it that we can't all be friends?"

    What are the main perks of switching to icloud? Downfalls?

    I like the idea of a clean slate, I mean... google will always be there waiting for me if I chicken out and run back to Android.

    One thing you all will learn about me is that I am rather spontanious... aka: I bought an iPhone off of craigslist already! I got a scratchless 32Gig 4S for 360.00 (I hope this was a good deal!)

    I have it all set up. Syncing my contacts, mail and calendar from Gmail. Also, I set up an @iCloud account for my iTunes purchases.

    I guess my next step would be to get a mac?

    But which one?
    09-25-2012 10:00 PM
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    Well I guess if u are willing to spend some money and get a Mac, then ya do it. But you don't have to. My iPhone works perfectly well with my PC's I use it with. I don't own a Mac and never have had one although I would like to get one I just never have before. I can navigate around a Mac but there a whole bunch of things they are capable of I don't even know about for example the MacBook Pro with Retina Display is amazing the apple employee showed me a bunch of things it can do and I was blown away. And I'm all for getting along by the way, I have owned an equal amount of iPhone and Android devices and I love them both, the thing I still ask myself all the time though, which one do I like better? I'm very spontaneous as well and usually make decisions on impulse which leads to me doing a bunch of exchanges in recent years lol, but when it comes down to it, like I said before I love the iPhone and the Apple ecosystem. The only thing is sometimes I get a little bored. I feel like I shouldn't say that because what more do I ask for? iPhone does everything I need, but when I walk into a carrier store or best buy and I see all the flagship android devices, I get a little envious. Maybe it's because sometimes I want something I don't have or maybe it's because I've used a lot of those phones and they worked great and I liked the freedom minus the lags and glitches sometimes. I say this because I sense that you are similar in this way that u may think the grass is greener on the other side like I do from time to time. I guess either way you go, your gonna have ups and downs but I think you will definitely like Apple

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    09-25-2012 10:48 PM
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    ...What is it that is attracting me to Apple? I think it's the solid ecosystem as a whole. I know that if I have recent hardware, it will all work together. I also know to expect timely updates to both hardware and software... usually near an expected date.
    This is definitely what did it for me. I was really one of those "anti-Apple" people (which is odd because growing up my father had an an advertising agency and all he used was Mac products for his video editing and graphic design. Well, maybe since I wasn't allowed to use those because they were HIS...so I always got to mess around on his Windows computers. Well...recently, I got an iPod Touch as a hand-me-down and that changed EVERYTHING! I made me get an iPhone and almost immediately I bought a Macbook and now have two Apple TVs as well. Trust me, its a fantastic decision.
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    09-26-2012 10:58 AM
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    Say I were to buy a used mac (of any sort) off craigslist. What are some things I should look for? To avoid?
    09-26-2012 11:11 AM
  9. meskin84's Avatar
    Say I were to buy a used mac (of any sort) off craigslist. What are some things I should look for? To avoid?
    As with buying anything off Craigslist, I would make sure it turns on, the cables work, basically that it functions. Also, if possible, see if they have the orginal discs so you can just do a clean start for yourself. Craigslist is the boogy-man for a lot of folks, but I use it for quite a few things. I actually bought my Macbook from Craigslist and have no complaints. Its a 2008 and still runs great, seller had the original box and start-up discs and I just met him at a restaurant and fired it up, used it a bit, and did a clean start. That was a year ago and it still runs great. Not bad for such an old device. My dad bought his iMac on Craigslist too, same kinda experience, these products stand the test of time. Ya know, just don't meet anywhere unsafe. I read recently where people were getting mugged thinking they were meeting up with iPad sellers. (maybe here since I get most of my Apple news here) Good luck on your hunt!
    09-28-2012 01:14 PM
  10. supkarma's Avatar
    Oh, I am very familiar with Craigslist. I suppose just in general I meant to ask what are some defects that are commonly overlooked in a used Mac. I obviously know to start the product up, make sure it functions.. but is there any thing I should look for specifically.

    For example, if I were buying a dog.. it may look great, function great... but it may have a leaky bladder that I don't discover until I get it home.
    10-01-2012 09:04 AM
  11. htc2hilt's Avatar
    I'm on the verge of buying a Mac Mini and I'm intrigued with the simplicity of its setup.

    I have never owned an Apple product until I bought my first iPhone 1.5 years ago. Since then, I've bought an iPod Touch, 3 (more) iPhones and I have an iPad Mini on order.

    I mostly use my PC for music, pictures and browsing & not much else. I've always known that multimedia is generally easier and better to use on Macs & I love carrying music on my iDevices. So it finally occurred to me that I should just get a Mac.

    My planned setup for my Mac Mini is: to use my HDTV as my monitor, my iPad/iTouch/iPhone as my wireless keyboard & mouse, and have an external CD drive for installing software & burning CDs.

    I'm excited about this fairly-minimalist approach for my needs!

    And like some of you, I do own Android devices also (and a BlackBerry). It's just that my appreciation for Apple has grown lately!
    10-29-2012 09:09 PM

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