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    Hello all,

    I know the thread/topic title is awkward. But let's get into details. I am spending a vacation in Egypt. Got a Mobile Broadband from an Egyptian carrier which is unfortunately limited in QUOTA as they don't offer Unlimited in Egypt. I've got my MacBook Pro on the 3rd of July and applied for the Mountain Lion up-to-date program and got the emails from Apple and my AppStore account now counts that the Mountain Lion is available for download. But the problem that is I've a limited internet as I said earlier.

    The only way to download the OS X is using my BlackBerry because they only offer Unlimited plans for the BlackBerry devices in Egypt and the BlackBerry plans cannot be tethered with any devices. So my question was if I got the .dmg file from anywhere on the Internet is it safe to upgrade my Mac OS X without losing the data on it and also wanted to make sure once updated does the new Mac OS X Mountain Lion ask for the Apple ID to verify the update just to make sure my version won't be counted as piracy and would be verified with my Apple ID.

    I know my situation is so weird but that's what really happened. Before involving me into any piracy discussions or insults. If you don't believe me I would happy to DM you any proof that Apple provided me with the Mac OS X Mountain Lion AppStore gift key already.
    08-11-2012 07:38 PM
  2. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    It's impossible to tell you whether or not that .dmg file will be safe coming from anywhere outside of Apple because there are simply too many ways to get bad files of any type on the internet. It's kind of like asking "Will i stay healthy if i take medicine that is not provided to me by a doctor that i get online?"

    If i understand the rest of your question correctly, you're asking whether a version of mountain lion downloaded outside of the app store will try and verify your apple I.D...the answer is no, it shouldn't try to verify your apple I.D., but you also wont receive any updates to the OS if it is not downloaded properly through the app store...and if you're downloading one of the early versions, this is going to prove to be problematic for you.

    You explained the issue you have with internet connection and what not, but where I become confused is what difference it makes downloading it from the Apple store vs. downloading it from another source? The files are going to be relatively the same size so the data usage and time it takes shouldn't fluctuate that much. Why not just go ahead and do it through the app store legitimately?
    08-12-2012 12:51 AM