1. canguler87's Avatar
    Hi guys..

    Since yesterday I'm using the Mountain Lion. Everything works well but when I download a file or open 2-3 tabs with Safari, I'm experiencing heat and voice from the fans problem. When I open the Activity Monitor to see what's going on, I'm seeing that Safari Web Content is using more RSIZE mem than even kernel task! (becomes nearly 390-400 especially when a downloading is in process)

    Do you guys ever having any problems like that? Any solution? Suggestion?


    *That's my first thread in the forum.. If there is any other thread openned same like that, I apologise and you can put them all together and reflect me there...

    Thanks from now on..
    07-26-2012 06:38 PM
  2. ghostface147's Avatar
    What voice do you hear?
    07-28-2012 05:09 PM
  3. anon(4698833)'s Avatar
    I hear voices all the time.
    07-30-2012 07:51 AM