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    Hi all,

    I'm after an app which can create some very simple photo slideshows, but with a few specific functions.

    a) I want to be able to change to the next photo manually by a click - I'm not interested in being able to set a certain time, but manually change it (more like with Keynote, for example).

    b) In addition to this, I was hoping to be able to animate some slides ever so slightly w/ a Ken Burns-style effect.

    I've looked into the o obvious choices (i.e. iPhoto, Keynote), but they both come with some drawbacks for my needs:

    I am unable to create a slideshow with which I can manually change the photos when I please - I can only set pre-determined times. This is because the Export format is a mov, so it'd clearly not be possible like this.

    Keynote is the other option, as it does allow you to manually change slides/photos with a click. However, as I am after the ability to create a slight animation on some photos (a-la Ken Burns), Keynote has two really annoying features:

    1) Although it doesn't have a Ken Burns animation built in, you can sort of create your own. But for some reason, you are unable to loop this. This means that once the animation is finished, it will be motionless until I change the slide.

    2) If I purposely set the animation duration higher than it will need to be, I'm not able to interrupt that animation to move to the next slide before the animation duration is complete. This means that said slide could end up being on for too long.

    One way around this, I have found, is to export a slideshow from iPhoto with just 1 photo in it, w/ the Ken burns effect. I can then import this movie into Keynote, and set that to loop. This way it will continue w/ the motion forever until I interrupt it (which is possible this way). This, however, seems extremely long-winded, and I'm worried about clogging the slideshow up with lots of large files.

    I'm sure there must be a more suitable app out there, but I have so far failed to find it. Anyone have any suggestions?!

    Many thanks,

    06-20-2012 04:59 AM
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    Hi, i use Photo Slideshow Directory to create slideshow on iPad. you can use it too. it works well to create slideshow with many effects.
    You can search it in itunes app store

    hope it can help
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    08-10-2012 04:08 AM