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  1. Alli's Avatar
    This is driving me nuts, so any help will keep me sane.

    I use a MacBook Air, so my space is limited. I keep getting warnings that my startup disk is almost full. I go through and try to find out what's taking up the space, and see nothing unusual.

    So I go to delete duplicate photos. I'm not sure how they got there, but deleting seems to make sense. Yesterday I deleted 12 GB worth of duplicate photos. Today I get the message that my startup disk is almost full. I think - WTF - and see that all the photos I deleted yesterday are back.

    How can I get them to stay gone - why are they haunting me?!
    03-10-2012 08:42 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Alli, have you tried rebooting your device and trying again? Others are having the same problem. See the link below:

    Just Me, D
    (Tapatalk - iPad 2)
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    03-10-2012 08:56 PM
  3. Alli's Avatar
    I've rebooted three times tonight alone.
    03-10-2012 09:16 PM
  4. kch50428's Avatar
    Are you using iPhoto?

    There's separate trash in iPhoto - you have to empty that trash in iPhoto from its menu
    03-10-2012 10:48 PM
  5. Alli's Avatar
    Nope, stopped using iPhoto about a week after I got the Mac when I discovered that not only did it have a separate trash, but it copied every photo and then created a billion thumbnails for facial recognition. I vote iPhoto the most poorly coded piece of garbage ever, and highly unworthy of being a genuine Apple product.

    I did find an interesting bit in the thread Just Me'D recommended about Time Machine backups storing to the startup disk if you didn't complete the backup (another bit of bad coding). So I forced a backup, and then turned off Time Machine backpus.

    All the while I have the information window open and I'm watching space drop.

    So I ran Secure delete - seems that's the only thing that truly deletes anything, and now I'm back up to 12 whole GB. Mind you, I never finished a secure delete. I will probably start it again before leaving the house this afternoon and let it run for a few hours and see if that clears up any more space.
    03-11-2012 08:03 AM
  6. Massie's Avatar
    Alli, a quick OT question: how are you liking the Air? I'm thinking of grabbing one but am wondering if you ever find yourself missing/needing anything that a MBP would provide? (I'd be using mine for web work and some light graphic design.)

    Feel free to PM me if you don't want to clog the thread.
    03-11-2012 10:53 AM
  7. Alli's Avatar
    I LOVE the Air. The only thing lacking is a larger hard drive. I can do everything I need with the Air from support email to producing a podcast. The size is perfect and has allowed me to get rid of a table in my living room.
    03-11-2012 12:06 PM
  8. Massie's Avatar
    Perfect, thanks!
    03-11-2012 12:41 PM
  9. Hail Caesar's Avatar
    Wow, I actually enjoy iPhoto.
    03-16-2012 11:58 PM