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    Hey everyone

    I have a chance for my cousin to give me a iMac g4 it's 700 MHz 384 ram and I think 40 gig hd maybe 60

    I think he said it has osx 10.4 or 10.5 ..
    I know this is Low end I have never owned a Mac period i always have used windows base systems built them etc but never mac so I'm looking for some advice ..

    I was looking at using it to run iTunes. Manage my iPhone and iPad etc as well as read email and surf the web. Nothing major like photo or video editing. I use my iPad alot so it would not get use all the time but would like it to be my main go to comp for my other devices.

    Can this handle what I want ?

    Also does it support FaceTime .. And other features standard?


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    01-02-2012 12:29 AM
  2. Peligro911's Avatar
    Must be old lol

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    01-03-2012 02:32 AM
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    There's a site for that: Low End Mac: Lasting Value - a favorite of mine for years. For the device you have, the G4 is IMO generally too old for interacting directly.

    The iMac is, though, a serviceable PC for surfing, email, file sharing/serving - I'm using a G5 iMac (totally low end, too, as the first one that came out) for much of the above, and running Leopard Server. The G5 was my dads until he passed, I upgraded the hard drive from the 20 GB to a cheap 80 GB I had laying around and it's a great music server too.

    The G4 will run Leopard. Max it out with RAM, which is cheap now. For hints: When Is Your PowerPC Mac Too Old? - the page has a bunch of utility software you'll find helpful. If you can find one, find an iSIght camera (I have one but it's not for sale), and it works perfectly with the installed version of iChat. No FaceTime or hack that I know of. And I was able to get Google Talk video chat to work through Jabber with little problem.
    01-04-2012 01:50 AM
  4. FritzDaCat's Avatar
    Yeah, that computer is circa ~2003. It won't support the current iTunes version and therefore you won't be able to sync it with your iDevices. However, you should be able to purchase iTunes content and download those purchases via your iDevice's iTunes "purchased" function.
    01-04-2012 02:13 AM
  5. Calebswag7's Avatar
    Yes for the iTunes they are correct but the iMac g4 is absolutely an amazing and stunning Mac. And even the 700mhz and would be just fine surfing the web and email.
    02-26-2012 10:02 PM