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    Full disclosure.... I use a different service (OneDrive) for my photo needs.

    My parents recently got an iMac and my mother got her first smartphone (an iphone) about a month ago. I want my mother to be able to store her photos in the cloud with as little "work" as possible. To avoid having to create a microsoft account to use OneDrive, I have been looking into the stock photos app and iCloud photo library option for her meager needs.

    Again for full disclosure, I am not a fan of Apple photos or IPL.... however, I want to learn a little more about how it works so I can better assist my parents. The "set it and forget it" use of the service is perfect for my very un-technically sound parents. So my question...

    The wording for "optimize storage" says....

    "Store full-resolution photos and videos in iCloud. Originals will also be stored on this Mac if you have enough storage space"

    My question is this.... how and when is this determined? The level of ambiguity with this is concerning to me. My parents only have 256GB of storage on their iMac and I do not want to run into storage issues.

    Secondly for those who do (or have) used iCloud photo library.... do you even like it? Should I try to steer my parents into a different solution (even with their minimal photo needs)
    09-30-2015 02:04 PM

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