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    Im using GM since 5 days and everything fine, but today I have a mistake

    When Im in safari, and press CMD+H to hide the browser, doesnt work, with others apps, like itunes works ok, but with calendar, not work again, I dont know why. Now the shortcut is CMD M, how can I change this??

    and other question: if I,m in an app, safari for example, and open calendar, safari dissapears to dock, I only can use 1 app in the screen
    If I try open expose, only shows one, and before this mistake, I can see 5 or 6 apps open in the expose

    What can I do??

    I try create a new user and everything works ok, so is something in my user

    Sorry if my english is bad
    09-20-2015 06:16 PM

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