1. patricksmangan's Avatar
    splashtop remote is probably the most inexpensive app of it's kind from what I've seen, but it works great. I'm not going to complain about the few things my ipad can't do anymore. No wake on lan, and video playback works best on a computer using n wifi, but splashtop gives me full access to my dwsktop for $1.99!

    I'd prefer it if ipad could natively run flash for free hulu and other video, but having my allways plugged in laptop do the heavy lifting wile accessing the screen from my ipad is probably best for my battery life anyway. With ipad having youtube loading problems, I have to do the same for that now too. Video studders only when I try using h2dp, but I know that's probably asking too much. large icons and rainmeter make for a not too shabby tablet interface on windows 7.

    if you havnt picked up this app, I think it's a must for this stuff.
    12-17-2010 06:18 AM