1. drummersteve's Avatar
    Hi all,

    Just got a new wireless keyboard for my Mac, not having realised it would work with the iPad too!

    As iOS4.2 recently came to iPad w/ multitasking, I'm surprised that buttons (such as the Expos) don't support the multitasking menu to appear!

    Not complaining, as it's an added bonus that the keyboard works at all! But any ideas whether this support will come to the iPad anytime soon? Not too sure how it would be implemented, but anyway!


    12-13-2010 05:36 PM
  2. lorin.bute's Avatar
    I've got a wireless keyboard too and i hope the iOS 4.3 will bring more functionality to the function buttons. I want a button for the home button so i can press once to exit an app and press twice to bring the multitasking pane.

    That would just great!
    12-14-2010 08:34 AM
  3. ChrisGonzales90's Avatar
    This is the keyboard that supports all the iPad features

    Apple Store (U.S.)
    12-14-2010 12:17 PM
  4. drummersteve's Avatar
    Ah! I hadn't realised the keyboard w/ dock (which I knew existed), had dedicated iPad buttons... of course this makes perfect sense.

    If the iPad can accept keyboard signals to operate global functions (such as lock, home, multitasking), presumably it's not an iOS update thats needed, but rather a firmware update for the keyboard to send the right signal to the iPad to make it perform those functions?

    Thanks for the link!
    12-14-2010 06:37 PM
  5. ChrisGonzales90's Avatar

    The keyboard dock is nice, but you can't detach the keyboard. Here is a very nice video review of they keyboard dock

    Neo-fight.tv - The Technology Show for the 'Not-So-Geeky" - Home - Episode 324 - GelaSkins, Apple iPad Keyboard Dock
    12-14-2010 07:00 PM
  6. mtnmedic's Avatar
    This interests me. I'd like to have a dedicated keyboard that has the functions to match the iPad, though not attached to the dock. For now, I used a standard Vakoss Bluetooth keyboard which works fine. Until I find the right keyboard...
    12-15-2010 12:23 AM