1. lifesemicrunchy's Avatar
    Sure would love love LOVE to win an iPad! Talk about the perfect gift for my hubby... assuming I can part ways with it
    12-23-2010 11:35 PM
  2. radiocity25's Avatar
    an iPad would be amazing for me. I wouldn't need to lug my Macbook Pro with me everywhere I go. All I need to be mobile is Skype, Google Docs, and email. The iPad has all that! I can truly be mobile with an iPad! Please pick me!
    12-23-2010 11:39 PM
  3. kywong5005's Avatar
    I won't be sad if I get an iPad ;-)
    Not too bad to score an iPad eh?
    12-23-2010 11:42 PM
  4. lifesemicrunchyHubby's Avatar
    Even if I win I'm sure my wife will live by the addage

    What's mine is hers
    What's hers is hers
    What's ours is hers
    12-23-2010 11:58 PM
  5. black'n'gold's Avatar
    Browsing through the web,
    Batt'ry on iPhone draining,
    Preparing for this Christmas season,
    Can always seem quite straining,
    Have a moment now to chill,
    Look up my favorite site,
    Checking through the latest blogs,
    And what to my delight,

    Oh jingle bells, TiPb tells
    Of Apple's latest news,
    Along with Waze, stir an iPad craze,
    To cure someone's holiday blues.

    Honestly, I've wanted to get one for a while, but between finishing school, finding and starting a career, getting married and all the other things life throws at ya, it just kinda went to the back-burner. I think that it would be an awesome tool for work, with the ability to use with completing engineering projects in the field. But just having it around the home as the go-to media bundle doesn't sound that bad either. My wife and I are certified tech junkies, so I'm sure it would never get put down at home, or left behind when traveling. Either way it would be a welcome present under any tech/gadget nut's tree.

    Regardless of your decision, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all! And here's to a bright, joyous and safe New Year as well!
    12-24-2010 12:04 AM
  6. PSJohn's Avatar
    I would very much like and enjoy an iPad. Please enter me! I live on a very limited budget and can't afford one at the moment.

    John Slama
    12-24-2010 12:08 AM
  7. lkbng's Avatar
    Hi guys,
    Been listening to you guys on iPhone live for several months. I use stitcher on my iPhone, it's great considering I'm an over the road truck driver.
    That iPad would be a welcome companion out here.
    Anyway, you guys keep up the great work, I'll still listen to the show if I don't win. Lol

    Ps, Georgia, you're a cutie!
    12-24-2010 12:16 AM
  8. spanishcop's Avatar
    My family have been wanting an iPad and would love to be the ones blessed with this opportunity. Thanks for giving everyone a chance to participate.
    12-24-2010 12:18 AM
  9. hilldahrdoh's Avatar
    This is awesome!!! It could be the greatest christmas gift of all times!!! I love the iPad but never had one. I will make presentations with it and show my work. Thanks guys!!!
    12-24-2010 12:24 AM
  10. tennsmith7's Avatar
    Good Stuff TiPb!!! You guys always deliver!
    12-24-2010 12:29 AM
  11. inc188's Avatar
    Microsofts answer to the iPad is the Technical Automatic Material Peripheral Onboard Notebook, or TAMPON. LOL

    i found this really funny. cheers
    12-24-2010 12:40 AM
  12. claybird's Avatar
    Honestly this would be a great present for my wife. We've been through a lot this year and this would be a great Christmas if she could receive this.
    12-24-2010 01:07 AM
  13. chipsterguy's Avatar
    ipad. i just i know i am going to win you. my precious...
    12-24-2010 01:09 AM
  14. JustinFreid's Avatar
    Thanks for hosting the give away.
    12-24-2010 01:16 AM
  15. jsxr13s's Avatar
    and all through the night,
    not a creature was stirring, not even an mac-loving electro savvy ipad-less me!
    I would love this for school, my acting (if i win and make it big in my acting career, i'll make a shout out to tipb!), and for upcoming business ventures!
    12-24-2010 01:19 AM
  16. alagator's Avatar
    I really need an iPad
    to give to my lad
    whose almost fifteen
    and 6 feet tall and lean
    on second thought maybe
    his old man's in the Navy
    and could use it on ship
    during his next overseas trip

    18 year Navy veteran
    12-24-2010 01:22 AM
  17. joshuamj's Avatar
    I want an iPad just so I can walk around playing that Chilly Gonzales' song from the commercial out loud. S#&@ is catchy!!
    12-24-2010 01:23 AM
  18. evrywoman's Avatar
    Dear Rene, Georgia, Chad, Jeremy, Leanna ,Allyson and Dieter- Santa's greatest Elves and the wonderful writters/staff of this fantastic blog!

    I just want an iPad for Christmas, Yes!I can wish for many other things, like a gym membership (heaven knows I could stand to lose... more than a few pounds) or the new Mercedes Benz CLS ( but then I would need money for gas) A lovely vacation ( but it's raining in Southern California- even though Toni, Tony, Tone said it never does)

    So, the only thing you will find on my wish list is an iPad!

    In my two year old voice ... I want it !!!!
    12-24-2010 01:31 AM
  19. melvynadam's Avatar
    Love Waze. Would love it more on an iPad!
    12-24-2010 01:31 AM
  20. rarake's Avatar
    Thanks for giving away the IPAD.Happy holidays to all.
    12-24-2010 01:32 AM
  21. keitadonna's Avatar
    The most important thing about winning an ipad is who I would give it to. My three year old has taken my ipad and claimed it as her own. She draws and traces letters on it, leaving sticky streaks across the screen. She learns on it, she doodles on it, and she watches Willow Smith's video repeatedly on it. I'm happy that she's been able to use mine, BUT the most important thing about winning an ipad...is giving the little crumbsnatcher her own.
    12-24-2010 02:02 AM
  22. chrisbegay's Avatar
    Oh geez. An iPad would give me a second brain that I could use to finally get around to my "novel" and future art projects. I'm an artist and the iPad is an artists dreams come true! I love it and would greatly appreciate one for the Holidays! I love TIPB and I'd continue reading their content even if I didn't get a free iPad. :P
    12-24-2010 02:10 AM
  23. danekramer's Avatar
    I don't have an iPad, and I miss the days when all the stories on this blog were relevant to my hot new iPhone 3GS. I read a lot of your iPad articles anyway, but I feel like I'm missing out on all the fun!

    Happy Holidays to Everyone!!!
    12-24-2010 02:33 AM
  24. redman042's Avatar
    I'll wait at the mailbox until it arrives.
    12-24-2010 02:39 AM
  25. Jackie C's Avatar
    Mom turns 87 on Dec 26. She is fascinated by my iPad. What a great gift for her. I'd happily pay for the service for her.
    12-24-2010 02:39 AM
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