1. Luisgb's Avatar
    Have an iPhone and would love to compliment it with my iPad!! they're super expensive so this would be awesome for the holidays!!
    12-12-2010 08:09 PM
  2. Alan G's Avatar
    I need to atone for my lack of foresight and get an iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G.

    Alan G
    12-12-2010 09:15 PM
  3. catadjuster's Avatar
    If I won an iPad the first thing I would do is use it to find out what Waze is. Actually I'm going to do that right now, but I'll do it again anyway once I have the iPad in my hands.
    12-12-2010 09:45 PM
  4. peruboy63's Avatar
    IPad = iwant/ineed plus i already been a waze user for some time now. Thanks waze!
    12-12-2010 09:52 PM
  5. Artorius's Avatar
    Hello there. I've always thought that the iPad would be a nice "oh crap I need to look up something but I don't want to have to wait for my laptop to un-hibernate, or hear it's lousy fan noise!" device. I'd use it quietly before I go to sleep, reading odd articles or books that bore me into slumber. Sadly, the price led me to decide against purchasing one. So, of course, it'd be really nifty to get one of these as a gift. =]
    12-12-2010 10:25 PM
  6. jayred213's Avatar
    I want that so bad.. I hope i win
    12-12-2010 10:37 PM
  7. ibzrg1570's Avatar
    I was supposed to get one from my dad for Christmas, but he decided to keep it for himself!
    12-12-2010 10:57 PM
  8. zather's Avatar
    wow you guys are amazing

    Thanks for the gift and good luck everyone
    12-12-2010 11:10 PM
  9. Darkscythe#IM's Avatar
    Hey newbie here would love to win
    12-12-2010 11:15 PM
  10. G0D114's Avatar
    This is the best contest ever guys! Pick me!
    12-12-2010 11:19 PM
  11. amg's Avatar
    I was tempted to write a whole long essay about WHY I want the iPad - but you simply asked us to tell you HOW MUCH I'd like it... soooo....

    {Picture a kid with his arms stretched as wide as possible when asked how much he loves Mommy or Daddy...}

    THIS MUCH!!!! :-)
    12-12-2010 11:26 PM
  12. sakamano's Avatar
    i dont like apple, i have never liked their products and as a matter of a fact, ive always been a palm guy. If i get to win that ipad and its a good enough product, you might just have a new member aboard the apple train
    12-12-2010 11:31 PM
  13. IT_Master2501's Avatar
    I'd really love to get my hands on an iPad, but haven't been able to afford one as of yet. I've seen friends using them with all of the great apps and games and am pretty much dying to get one!
    12-13-2010 12:03 AM
  14. coopertin's Avatar
    Dear TipB,

    I would really like an iPad because I am going with my family around Australia next yeain a car. Ive been told that it is quite boring and we havent saved enough money to buy a Portable DVD Player. this would be a great suprise for me and my little brother especially right around christmas. If you are able to help us from going insane in the car and annoying our parents through the use of an iPad that would be AWESOME!

    Thanks Cooper

    P.S. Loving TipB on twitter
    12-13-2010 12:07 AM
  15. iPwn's Avatar
    Cool to see you guys offer this! I want one really bad, so bad that I even created this account with a pretty cheesy name to be a part of this contest! I'd appreciate it tons if I'm picked!
    12-13-2010 01:27 AM
  16. Brejyo's Avatar
    I've been waiting for so long to get my hands on a shiny new iPad ever since I sold my iPhone, and wouldn't it be freakin' awesome if I got it as a gift!
    12-13-2010 01:47 AM
  17. doughboyy's Avatar
    i'd love to win it because it'd be great to work on documents on the go as i don't always have my laptop with me and it can be a pain to carry it whenever i go
    12-13-2010 03:54 AM
  18. andre402's Avatar
    It's not that it's the shiny new iPad. You are giving away iPad wifi+3G!

    I wouldn't (probably) keep it to myself but I've been looking out for a special gift to my special one and now I found it. The shiny new iPad 3G+wifi would be just awesome gift to her so I hope that I'm lucky and TiPb will make this Christmas the best one to both me and to my loved one.

    Thanks for the giveaway and merry Christmas time for TiPb folks!
    12-13-2010 04:29 AM
  19. Punky99x's Avatar
    I currently don't have anything by apple. I'm a pc user and my phone is a droid. I'm willing to give a ipad a try. So good luck to me.
    12-13-2010 04:30 AM
  20. BenjThomas's Avatar
    I'd want one to give to my grandparents in order to stay in contact with them. They're both 80 and live in Australia .
    12-13-2010 05:15 AM
  21. Lemonex's Avatar
    The iPad would get me that much closer to Geek Zen!
    12-13-2010 05:38 AM
  22. khudson7's Avatar
    I dream of owning an iPad but it is out of my budget range. (Being retired sure does limit my geeky desires)...but I would be tickled pink if I could win one...

    12-13-2010 05:54 AM
  23. Seanzle's Avatar
    I would love to win! This is the only way I will ever be able to obtain one of these things. It would make my xmas! Thanks!
    12-13-2010 06:11 AM
  24. HansPunia's Avatar
    I really need this so I can easily access my email, and play appstore games on the go as I travel nationwide. Please just let it be me!!!

    Shipping Address: 26213 Lands End Dr. South Riding, VA 20152

    Account Username: HansPunia

    Phone/Text: 7036786119

    Username: HansPunia

    Email: (HansPunia)@gmail.com
    12-13-2010 06:19 AM
  25. rscholz#IM's Avatar
    A new Ipad, for me? You shouldn't have.
    12-13-2010 06:40 AM
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