Sell Your Old iPhone For Cash!

What's my iPhone worth?
  1. rosebubble's Avatar
    i would like to give one to my dad his birthday is actually today and hes always in awe at what today's technology can do.
    12-08-2010 03:23 AM
  2. timscottbennett's Avatar
    Because of my job I've been forced to live across the country from my twin 8 year-old daughters for the last year and a half. When I do get to travel to see them every six weeks or so, I have a very limited window of time, and to facilitate getting into and out of the airport quickly (to maximize my time with my girls), I always fly without checking my luggage.

    Because of this, I've been avoiding taking my heavy laptop and relying on Safari on my iPhone for my internet/email/entertainment needs on the plane and in the hotel. I would love to have an iPad to travel with me both to replace my laptop for writing, internet, and email while visiting, as well as to read and watch movies on the 6 hour flights.
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    12-08-2010 03:29 AM
  3. Duscraft's Avatar
    This is an awesome give away as usual! You guys always have great contests and give aways. I hope I win and that everyone @ TiPb and on this forum have a great Christmas/Holiday Season!
    12-08-2010 03:58 AM
  4. Taco50's Avatar
    I got an iPhone last year. It's the first apple product I've had and I fell in love with it. Best device I've ever owned. I since upgraded to iPhone 4. Now I'm getting very interested in other apple products. We recently got an iPad at work and I've had a chance to play with. I want one really bad and am also considering an apple computer. I can't afford both so I'm counting on to help me out!
    12-08-2010 04:02 AM
  5. slisrapper's Avatar
    I have planned on buying my mom something that can able her to work on the go, but I didnt have money to buy her a gift for her birthday this month for christmas. I want her to be able to read her favorite books on the go but I dont have the money to fullfill this for her. Even if I dont have a big story to tell, atleast this gift would be a big chance to make my mom happy.

    I hope I can win this and make my mother happy for her christmas/birthday gift
    12-08-2010 04:15 AM
  6. mc_88#CB's Avatar
    I am in Afghanistan until June and this would sure help to pass the down time that we have!
    12-08-2010 04:28 AM
  7. ibuilt's Avatar
    A 32GB iPad + 3G you say? Yes, please and thank you! And thank you to the folks at Waze for offering up their super app, for free no less. It's a brilliant. Thanks.
    12-08-2010 04:54 AM
  8. andrew.ortwein's Avatar
    I'd love to win an iPad for my wife! She's a wedding planner and is always needing something like this to carry around. Thanks!
    12-08-2010 05:00 AM
  9. W10888's Avatar
    Would this be a great gift for oneself or what. Count me in please!
    12-08-2010 05:00 AM
  10. dra_phantom's Avatar
    i want this one because my 3 yr old daughter hogs it and i only get it when she's asleep. please help
    12-08-2010 05:03 AM
  11. chrpike's Avatar
    Apple iPAD was launched here in Brazil last week.

    Too bad the price here is almost twice compared to the US. (Check :-(

    Too good TipB is going to give me one as a free gift. :-)


    PS: When you guys are ready to ship my gift, email me, so I can provide a postal address of a friend of mine who lives in the US. He'll be glad to personally bring the gift to me when he comes to Brazil next January.
    12-08-2010 05:06 AM
  12. PhuFighter's Avatar
    man, just scrapping by sucks..and it sucks more during the holidays. I would love to be able to give this to my dad for the holidays - he can't read the tiny text on a regular ipod/iphone
    12-08-2010 05:08 AM
  13. ananthtony's Avatar
    Great Gear for holidays to celebrate. It would be definitely an awesome device to carry with me to do shopping, follow news, play games for this Christmas. And also it would make a perfect gift for my Dad too.
    12-08-2010 05:11 AM
  14. zenox's Avatar
    Would love an iPad so I can make apps!
    12-08-2010 05:17 AM
  15. esfrost's Avatar
    Well, i've been lurking around here for more than a year now. To be honest, i have never ever touched an ipad. I always wondered how are they like in person and thinking about getting one, but i just dont have enough money. It would be a huge present for me under the christmass tree. Thanks!
    12-08-2010 05:29 AM
  16. emresumengen's Avatar
    Duh! I'd love an iPad;
    1) 'cause I missed all the previous giveaways :P
    2) I'm up to some more airplay goodness with my new appletv (still waiting for it)
    3) I'm addicted

    But I guess I'm late again
    12-08-2010 05:30 AM
  17. slisrapper's Avatar
    I would like to dedicate this gift to my mother cuz I have nothing to give to her for her birthday this month and I am low on cash to buy something valuable. Also my mom loves reading e-books and having an ipad would greatly put a smile on her face when she can take it anywhere she goes or works. I just want my mom to be happy for this year as this being an awesome present.

    Thanks TiPb and Happy Holidays to everyone here too!
    12-08-2010 05:35 AM
  18. Memnautikus's Avatar
    I've been wanting one so bad. I've been trying to win contests on here before no luck. Let's see if I can win this iPad and have a great Christmas.
    12-08-2010 05:35 AM
  19. lilngineer's Avatar
    I would love to win a iPad so I can use it to feed all the starving children in the world!

    JK! Seriously, though, I would love to have one to serve as a personal computer that we haven't been able to afford for some time now. Besides, I could use it to read all the great articles on TIPB!
    12-08-2010 05:37 AM
  20. Fonzman1984's Avatar
    Hey Rene Ritchie can you sign the winner's iPad? I'd really want it then! Lol
    12-08-2010 05:39 AM
  21. spanishcop's Avatar
    I think this would be a great gift for my family. My son always talks about the ipad and how neat it would be to have one. There are great programs for learning and I would love to take advantage of this opportunity. It would be a nice add on to the family so my wife, 8yr old son and myself could enjoy reading TIPB news, facebook with family and friends and use it as a family time event for multiplayer games and education.

    Chances are slim with everyone wanting an ipad, but it's worth a try. thank you for offering this opportunity to your readers and listeners. Our family has their fingers crossed.
    12-08-2010 05:47 AM
  22. strykerfenix's Avatar
    That would be awesome

    Good Luck every one
    12-08-2010 05:58 AM
  23. Geekmommy's Avatar
    I would love to win this iPad so I wouldn't always have to wrestle my husband's iPad away from my son every time I need my Plants vs Zombies fix
    12-08-2010 06:06 AM
  24. efinch's Avatar
    TipB is the greatest can't wait to get my hands on that brand new iPad!!!
    12-08-2010 06:19 AM
  25. mksap11's Avatar
    I'd love, love an iPad so that I could read TiPb all day! Yeah, I'm a suck up
    12-08-2010 06:19 AM
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