Sell Your Old iPhone For Cash!

What's my iPhone worth?
  1. mitb's Avatar
    i want one more than all the tea in china!
    12-07-2010 03:47 PM
  2. qwerty69#IM's Avatar

    I need this to..... conquer the world!!!! Muahahaha!!

    I need the iPad because i am a gadget freak, but I am broke as hell!!!
    12-07-2010 03:47 PM
  3. ericts's Avatar
    I need one so I can jot down ideas and wireframe for my new internship!!
    12-07-2010 03:49 PM
  4. ScottUrman's Avatar
    I need one because... well, just because!
    12-07-2010 03:52 PM
  5. rspur's Avatar
    Hey! Broke college student here,

    I'd love an iPad to consolidate my unorganized planner and hectic school calendar. Id also like to take some casual notes on it. I make alot of presentations being in the business school, using it during those presentations would be unreal. And perhaps i could goof off in class on tipb when I'm bored happy holidays!
    12-07-2010 03:53 PM
  6. sivabalans's Avatar
    I would like to gift an iPad to my better half for Christmas.
    12-07-2010 03:53 PM
  7. Koenig's Avatar
    I would love to win an iPad! Not for myself, but for my sister. She's given me so much and I truly love her for it and would love to give her something she really wants, which I know is an iPad TiPb ftw.
    12-07-2010 03:53 PM
  8. DaMacGuy's Avatar
    Hoo, that would be the perfect gift under the tree. I've been waiting for the right time to get one, but you could make it easy. I'd like to give it to my Dad, who has difficulty working with even a Mac OS computer. He needs something easier and more intuitive than even the relatively easy to use OS X. The iPad would be the perfect computer for him, especially with the Airprint function in iOS 4.2. It would make his day.

    Best wishes to you all!

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    12-07-2010 03:54 PM
  9. Nick9283's Avatar
    Would love to win an iPad so I could use it to find new deals on real estate. Great screen for scooping property.
    12-07-2010 03:54 PM
  10. navydoc2024#IM's Avatar
    Would love a second iPad. Bought one and now almost never get to use it because my wife is always on it.
    12-07-2010 03:55 PM
  11. iPrash's Avatar
    Thanks! Would love an iPad to get the kids to stop using my iPhone!
    Wait, who am I kidding? I need it for myself...!
    12-07-2010 03:56 PM
  12. TiPbfannimal's Avatar
    Thanks TiPb!
    12-07-2010 03:56 PM
  13. Stephman's Avatar
    I'd love to win an iPad. I'd us it for catching up with news online, games and even try to mod some kind of holder, movable arm in my car for it.
    12-07-2010 03:57 PM
  14. treouserinla2's Avatar
    iPad please!

    My life needs an upgrade. I'm still rockin' an iPhone 3G. :-(
    12-07-2010 03:57 PM
  15. muaddip's Avatar
    I would love to get an iPad, I have been envious of everyone I see with one. I just haven't been able to scrap together the cash to get the 3G model.

    Thanks TiPb you have the best iPhone site and I visit first thing every morning.
    12-07-2010 03:57 PM
  16. dtothep's Avatar
    I really want one because I'll never be able to afford one unless I win it.
    12-07-2010 03:57 PM
  17. hoosiercub's Avatar
    I'd love to win this, I don't particularly want an iPad but I know someone special who would love to have this for a christmas present, could definitely brighten their new year
    12-07-2010 03:58 PM
  18. dasupaman23's Avatar
    I have a baby on the way so my ipad fund is non existent. This would definitely make me a happy new dad.
    12-07-2010 03:59 PM
  19. saundersadam's Avatar
    I desire an iPad because i want my roommate to shut up about him being the "only person in Oxford, Mississippi with an iPad." I also want to be able to hit him with it when we get back from Christmas break and say "Look what I got *****!" Realistically, it would help me take better notes in class and it would finally earn me the friendships that I deserve since I would finally have something that people wanted, not some outdated macbook and outdated iPhone. It's hard being a poor college student, but with your help, I could at least LOOK incredibly wealthy.

    merry chrimbus
    12-07-2010 03:59 PM
  20. Tre's Avatar
    I'd like a new ipad because my dad can't type but needs a computer!
    12-07-2010 03:59 PM
  21. Jbbarrette's Avatar
    The ipad would help me out greatly to find a new job, as I am being let go as of December 31st and losing my work computer so I'll have no access to the internet from home.
    12-07-2010 04:00 PM
  22. ohhaipatrick's Avatar
    i would just love an ipad, it would almost complete my apple collection (iphone, ipod, macbook pro) if i got this ipad all i would need would be an imac
    12-07-2010 04:01 PM
  23. Dionte's Avatar
    Doesn't hurt to try, good luck Dionte :-)
    12-07-2010 04:01 PM
  24. Kingsley's Avatar
    Winning an iPad would be the greatest. With school tuition payments for the kids on top of all the other expenses that everyone else in this forum has, I have not been able to save up enough disposable income to buy myself an iPad. Happy Holidays to everyone.
    12-07-2010 04:01 PM
  25. rmrf's Avatar
    iPad 16G WiFi will be great entertainment center for the whole family. And I need my personal one with more memory and 3G on board.
    12-07-2010 04:01 PM
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