1. danundertheice's Avatar
    Help folks, Im not sure if I'm doing this right but I've rented two movies from iTunes (which I've paid for) onto my iPad but when they have finished downloading i can't find them to play. Am I missing something obvious or could there be a problem?? Any advice is appreciated.
    11-27-2010 07:15 AM
  2. Nebulosity's Avatar
    This might be a silly question, but you have actually rented them on your iPad? Or did you use another device such as a desktop / laptop and then try to move them over?
    11-27-2010 06:20 PM
  3. amg's Avatar
    In the videos app, there is a separate section for rentals (distinct from movies and TV shows)
    11-28-2010 09:11 PM
  4. wallpapers's Avatar
    Thanks man, I had the same problem....
    12-01-2010 05:14 AM

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