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    Hope someone can explain this...
    I setup my mail account by syncing with my office 2010 outlook account.

    I can receive emails, I can send emails to me or my friend, but when I tried to reply to an email, it placed it in the outbox, and I get messages saying that mail cannot connect to my smtp server...

    If I can send mails why cannot I reply...

    Isn't it the same server?

    Thanks if you can help

    10-30-2010 10:08 AM
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    Let me just qualify this.

    I have checked with my hosting company to get some smtp settings and he sent me some info via email. So I tried to reply back to the email ... I could not... So I posted this on his log system for him

    yes Carl, I have tried to do a reply to your email and i got an error message which said the server had rejected one of the recipients addresses!!

    All I can see is one email address which your valid email address


    Anybody know why a valid email address is being bounced back... Why iPad thinks his server is bouncing his email address....


    11-01-2010 10:24 AM
  3. Zubo's Avatar
    Ok guys, it was my fault... I had not setup the smtp account up properly with authentication.

    All ok now.
    11-01-2010 03:04 PM