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    Gourmet Live is an iPad app for foodies that blends social networking with online journalism in a totally groundbreaking way.

    The app is a new venture by fine-living magazine publisher Conde Nast. Gourmet Live customizes itself to your tastes as you use it, rewarding users with cooking tips, recipes and other content based on how they navigate the app.

    The app presents food journalism from content partners epicurious.comand seriouseats.com.Gourmet Live original content is being updated weekly and users are able to curate the content for future use.

    The cool thing is that as you go through articles and mine the app for the recipes and stories that interest you, it begins to reveal more of itself, releasing little surprises such as a collection of cocktail recipes designed by New York mixologist Elayne Duke, who has created signature drinks for the likes of Le Bernardin and Villa Pacri.

    You can preview some of the content -- but obviously not the really cool interactive stuff -- and download the app for free from the Gourmet Live website at live.gourmet.com.
    10-24-2010 05:22 AM