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    Hi All,

    Moxier WeatherCaster has become the #1 iPad Weather App in the U.S. within 72 hours of launch!

    Moxier WeatherCaster is an advanced iPad weather app that displays high-resolution video of current weather conditions, provides 7-day forecasts, and offers timely weather information for over 39,000 global cities! So no matter if its cloudy in Cleveland, hazy in Hamburg, thundering in Thumrait, or snowing in Snowdon―Moxier WeatherCasters got you covered!

    Key Features
    - Weather forecasts for over 39,000 global cities
    - Displays local time, date, and live webcam footage
    - Daylight Savings Time (DST) automatically updated
    - Current weather conditions in both high-resolution video and distinctive icons
    - 3-hour/24-hour/7-day forecasts with daily highs and lows
    - Temperature readings in either Celsius or Fahrenheit
    - Wind speed (mph or km/h), wind direction, humidity, dew point, barometric pressure, visibility, and Ultraviolet (UV) index all included
    - Auto-search functionality when typing a city name or a zip code (US)
    - Current weather conditions and forecasts automatically updated hourly
    -Add multiple cities to your list of favorites; easily navigate through them with the swipe of a finger

    Check out Moxier WeatherCaster today on the iTunes' App Store or visit moxier dot com.
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    09-21-2010 07:45 PM
  2. crackercraig's Avatar
    Just installed it. Looks good so far
    09-21-2010 08:42 PM
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    Where's the iPhone app? I'm in need of a good weather app.
    09-21-2010 08:46 PM
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    FYI, we have a solid iPhone weather app that's free: Moxier World.

    Moxier World Key Features:
    * Local Times From Around the Globe
    * Current Weather Conditions with Daily Highs and Lows
    * 5-day Weather Forecasts
    * Links Directly to Wikipedia at the Push of a Button for Detailed City Information
    * Live Webcam Images for Picturesque City Views
    * Daylight Savings Time (DST) Icons Readily Display Relevant Areas
    * Temperature Readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit
    * Auto-search Functionality when Typing a Search String or a Zip Code (U.S.)
    * Country Flags are Displayed in Search String for Quick Recognition
    * Conveniently Save Virtually an Unlimited Number of Cities on the Main Screen
    * Easily Arrange Cities on the Main Screen According to Your Personal Preference
    * Current Weather Conditions and Forecasts are Automatically Updated on the Hour
    * Shake your Smartphone for an Instant Time and Weather Update
    * Huge and Ever-growing Database of Global Cities
    * Horizontal and Vertical Scrolling for Quick Viewing
    * Colorful Icons Graphically Display Weather Conditions and Time of Day
    09-27-2010 08:00 PM
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    when I try to change settings from Fahrenheit to Celsius on my iPad the application WeatherCaster crashes.
    08-27-2014 01:46 PM
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    This thread is almost 4 years old. I don't even see the app in the App Store

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    08-27-2014 02:18 PM