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    Hello Everyone,

    I was hoping I could get some assistance and advice on the following.

    My mother came from Madrid, Spain to visit with us in Ohio due to the birth of our daugher. My mother is elderly and does not feel confortable with computers. She wants to be able to receive emails, pictures and videos of the baby to stay upto date. Today I took her to the apple store in Cincinnati, Oh. and she fell inlove with the IPAD, and felt very confortable with using it.

    Now the questions....

    Because my mother will be staying here for the next 2 months, she is wanting to purchase a US Version of the IPad so that I can help her with any questions she may have before she returns back to Spain. I have been checking some sites to obtain information, but I'm not quite clear of all the info I read.

    From what I gather the US Ipad version can be used in Spain. The voltage is 220 there, but its my understanding with an adapter it will handle the voltage without a problem is this correct?

    So being that she will be a permanent resident in Spain, is she able to purchase an internet plan for 3G service there in Madrid and use her US Ipad version?

    It is also my understanding that Itunes is regional, and there for she will not be able to see Itunes in Spanish or the "Spain" region. Is there any other concerns pertaining to problems she may encounter when trying to use this in Spain?

    Is there higher fees for using a US Ipad version vs. a european version Ipad in Europe (spain)?

    Any information would be very much appreciated and as soon as possible as she is considering purchasing an Ipad very soon so she can start learning to use it and be helped with any confusions she may encounter with the operation of the Ipad & IOS.

    Thank you in advance folks,
    08-06-2010 10:48 PM
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    The iPads all came unlocked, so whatever carrier she chooses is what she'll be able to use in Spain. (Very nice of Apple!) Voltage won't matter because you're charging through a usb cord. All she'll need is a usb wall dongle, probably as common now in Spain as here in the US. (I have so many now I'm practically tripping over the darn things.)

    iTunes is regional, and she should make her account for the iTunes store in the country where she'll spend the most time, although she can have two accounts, one for the US, one for Spain. Not sure how confusing that gets though.

    All the fees will come from 3G data, so that will depend on the cell company where she gets service and her sim card.
    08-07-2010 09:07 AM
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    Thank you for the information.
    08-07-2010 10:20 AM
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    Also, the iPad uses a micro SIM which is almost 50% smaller than a regular SIM card. I am not sure if this already being offered in Spain.
    08-09-2010 01:21 AM

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