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    The battery life on the ipad is fantastic, but I remember someone around here saying that it may not be linear or something. I gathered that s/he meant that the percentage not he battery meter may not drop at the same rate throughout a given usage cycle. I'm starting to think that he or she was correct.

    My iPad often takes quite a while to drop a single percentage point. Just going from 100% to 99% takes so long that I forget to keep checking.

    When it gets to about 10%, though, which isn't often, I've noticed that those 1% drops happen really quickly, by-comparison. The last time it happened, I was on wifi, so I knew it wasn't due to 3G needing more power.

    I suppose it's possible that something extra was going on in the background, but on a mono-tasking device like this, I wouldn't expect to see fast discharging unless I'm streaming video or something - not just surfing the 'net.

    Have any of you experienced this?
    07-13-2010 02:54 PM