1. west3man's Avatar
    The YouTube app on 3G iPads downgrades video quality when on 3G.
    When the same video is viewed on the same iPad, but via wifi, the quality is as it should be (ie without the added pixelation).
    I can use a mobile phone to create a wifi hotspot, but it's usually not good/fast enough for LONG-TERM, stable video streaming on the iPad.
    If I start the mobile hotspot from a mobile phone, connect the iPad to that network, open the YouTube app, and turn off the wifi hotspot, at which point the 3G connection kicks in,... the YouTube video will CONTINUE to play at "wifi quality/resolution".

    Apparently, the app checks to see if it is on wifi, when its opened, but not again until the app is closed, then reopened. I only tested his for a minute or two, but I thought it was worth sharing. I hate the low quality YouTube video we have to put up with on 3G. It's nice to have a way around that which doesn't involve jail breaking.
    07-09-2010 09:07 AM
  2. bob moore's Avatar
    That is cool. The apps really make the device more interesting!
    08-03-2010 02:19 AM