1. west3man's Avatar
    I was one of the iPad users whose email address, etc was revealed in that exploit from a few weeks, ago. I know because AT&T sent me a long, rambling letter to that effect.

    Not long after that, I started getting more unfiltered spam than prior to that point. I read privacy policies and whatnot when I sign up with sites and services and don't think this is a coincidence.

    Have any of you experienced this, too? (AT&T email exploit + subsequent spam increase)
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    06-30-2010 11:47 AM
  2. Hack-My-i's Avatar
    wow thats just insane!
    06-30-2010 12:10 PM
  3. west3man's Avatar
    Yeah, but it'd be nice to know if I am actually the victim of coincidence or something else. More and more, I am dying to know if my experience is unique.
    06-30-2010 01:54 PM
  4. jhamilton3's Avatar
    Luckily I haven't but you should try and get a free month of data out of them or something
    06-30-2010 02:45 PM
  5. west3man's Avatar
    I've been told something similar by a couple of people, but my calls to AT&T on other issues has been so fruitless and counterproductive that I hesitate to spend any more time trying to contact them than absolutely necessary.

    As this topic keeps popping up, I'm beginning to think I should contact them. But if no one else is experiencing this,...
    07-01-2010 07:37 AM
  6. bigjara's Avatar
    I doubt that it is relate. You probably just didnt pay as much attention to it as you do now.
    07-03-2010 01:50 AM
  7. west3man's Avatar
    I doubt that it is relate. You probably just didnt pay as much attention to it as you do now.
    I paid attention.
    07-03-2010 05:08 AM
  8. omegadivine's Avatar
    I'd call AT&T and try to talk to a manager but calmly and firmly... Heh screaming usually just makes them angry and wants them to help you less. That email leak was a big deal and your email might be around now, do a search on google for it and see if it comes up? My friend had his account leaked in a similar way a month ago and a search in google showed it linked to porn sites that he didn't even know existed heh.
    07-04-2010 02:58 AM