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    I started using my iPad on one computer and added free books in epub format from various online sites to itunes and loaded the ipad. That computer broke and I plugged in my iPad into my other PC. The 80 ebooks on my iPad dont show up under the books tab in itunes in the new PC. They show as 103mb at bottom of itunes screen when iPad plugged in. I have several more free books from online that I have since moved into itunes on the working PC. But when I try to sync them to the iPad, I get a warning that if I do sync the new books the old books I have on the iPad will be deleted. I've read that you have to have the same libraries on more than one computer.
    So even though the 80 books are not books bought from itunes, because I loaded the books from another computer I will lose all of them if I want to keep adding new books to ibooks in my new PC?
    Thoughts and suggestions please. I'm assuming there is no way to move the old ebooks from ipad to my pc and then reload them into itunes?
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