1. west3man's Avatar
    I was amazed and very pleased to see that my AT&T signal was so strong most places I went, until I started noticing slower page loading or streaming, DESPITE having all five bars.

    Does this often happen to the rest of you?

    I later remembered that I had heard people on Buzz Out-Loud say that their iPhones were dropping calls despite showing full bars.

    Whether or not AT&T's signal penetration and coverage are sufficient is one thing, but having the device LIE about the signal strength would be quite another. Anyone else know if that is what's happening here?

    BTW, if anyone wonders why this matters, I compare provider networks largely by glancing at the signal indicators (because a full speed test is more time consuming, so I perform them less frequently). I would hate to think AT&T's coverage is better than it really is. At least Sprint's sorry a$$ signal is only briefly misrepresented on my phone. Knowing the true signal strength keeps me from wasting my time trying to connect somewhere the signal is crappy.
    05-12-2010 10:16 AM