1. newtotechnology's Avatar
    So here is my question...I am sure that for those who are technologically savvy, this may seem silly...

    My brother has an iphone, and when we are at our family's lake house, he can connect to the internet through his regular cellular service to check e-mail etc., however, things that require 3G access, larger streaming needs etc. are not available. I was wondering if I am going to be able to use my ipad (with 3G) in this area...

    I know that the connectivity is through the 3G network on the ATT cell towers...so will I have any access in these areas or none at all because it is not a cell phone??

    05-05-2010 10:17 AM
  2. anon(52425)'s Avatar
    05-05-2010 10:36 AM
  3. ghostface147's Avatar
    Chances are no. Is he getting 3G signal or not?
    05-05-2010 10:40 AM
  4. minimo3's Avatar
    If he can check email on his iPhone then he is getting some sort of data connection, i.e. either EDGE or GPRS. You can ask him if he sees a 'G' or 'E' in place of the '3G' on the top bar of his phone. Your iPad's radio can also handle GPRS or EDGE as fall backs in case 3G is not available, so yes it should work though network operations like browsing etc will be slower
    05-05-2010 11:17 AM
  5. VLennert's Avatar
    I agree with minimo. If he's able to get some email, etc on his phone, then some sort of signal is getting through. You may be able to access some things with your iPad, but it will probably be really slow.

    Just load your iPad up with tons of stuff, music..movies..books...and use it offline when you're at the lakehouse. Or you can go into town and find a wifi spot and use the internet there. Or you can set up your own wifi hotspot at your lakehouse, which is obviously the more difficult option
    05-05-2010 11:53 AM
  6. ctt1wbw's Avatar
    Oh, if you see an "E" instead of a "3G" you may as well not bother. You can actually create apps with a napkin and a big fat crayon faster than you can download an app over Edge. Edge is that slow.
    05-05-2010 12:03 PM