1. Joletzring's Avatar
    I have a dilemma and I am hoping someone can give me some guidance. I was in best buy the other day and they had a 32 gig iPad open box (basically untouched--not a scratch on it) that they agreed to sell me for 499. Being a lover of all things apple I couldn't resist and I snapped it up.

    I have played with it for the past couple of days and it is great. Our 3 year old has particularly taken a liking to it.

    But I am on the fence whether to keep it. The main reason why is that we have a MacBook that we purchased in December. Although surfing is better on the iPad, it can be frustrating without the ability to play flash videos (hulu/espn 360).

    I would probably return it and save the money but I feel like I got a good deal on it and I am sure the iPad is only going to get better with the release of more applications. But should I simply wait until it does get better or until they relase an even better iPad next year?

    I wish iBooks offered a subscription service. I love the idea of the book reader but my wife reads a lot and we would go broke buying 4 books a week on iBooks. I wish they had a subscription service so that it would be more appealing than going to the local library to check out books.

    Anyone else in a similar situation who can share their thought process on whether they kept or returned the item (note i checked with best buy and they will not charge me a restocking fee should i decide to return it). Thx everyone.
    04-12-2010 08:14 AM
  2. cardfan's Avatar
    Basically in same situation as you minus the good deal on buying one though.

    My 3yr old loves it. But what 3yr old wouldn't? But mine already has an old iphone 3G i'm not using with several apps. I'm still using my iphone most of the time, or desktop, or laptop. And wife prefers kindle to read though she liked a few games on the iPad.

    In the end, it wasn't worth the investment required having to rebuy apps, accessories, and what not for a couch device used occasionally. My iphone serves that purpose well enough.
    04-12-2010 10:56 AM
  3. parishyoung's Avatar
    Massive part of me wants to recommend you keep it, but at the same time the angel on the other shoulder says, if you really have no use for it, probably best you take it back while you can.

    You can regret taking it back and get another one at a later date
    But if you regret not taking it back you'll be in a worse position as you wont have the option.
    04-12-2010 11:28 AM
  4. jervis961's Avatar
    Go with your gut on this one. If you honestly like it and will use it, keep it. If you cannot justify the cost at this time, take it back. The decision is yours alone.
    04-12-2010 11:38 AM
  5. Mustang5Oh's Avatar
    I WAS in the same situation in a way. It was to buy one or not. I ended up buying the 32GB one and I must say i love having it. I also have an iPhone and a MacBook and for my casual web browsing chatting and app stuff I use the iPad at home on the couch/in bed/where ever to do all that. If I need to do something more computer related I just hop onto the MacBook. I love having the iPad and I am def. glad I got it. But I do agree to go with your gut cause the only one you have to live with is yourself and family so if it doesnt seem needed get rid of it.
    04-12-2010 12:11 PM
  6. RKMichael's Avatar
    I think it is such a drawback that the iPad can't run flash. Hulu and ESPN 360 would be so great on an iPad...Steve Job's is just stubborn
    04-12-2010 04:58 PM
  7. jervis961's Avatar
    I think it is such a drawback that the iPad can't run flash. Hulu and ESPN 360 would be so great on an iPad...Steve Job's is just stubborn
    Its not really that big of a deal to me since I think Flash isn't very efficient. I think you will see more and more websites with iPad friendly versions as time goes on.
    04-12-2010 05:44 PM
  8. Joletzring's Avatar
    Well...I still haven't taken it back yet.

    The more I play with the Ipad, the more I like it. If I hadn't gotten the deal on it ($499 for the open box 32 gig) I probably would have returned it and just figured that I could always get it later if I missed it. Also, forgot to mention: Best Buy had a 18 month zero percent interest deal on any purchase $499 and up. So basically I got it using free money for 18 months.

    It is such a "fun" device to have. I actually enjoy using it for emails even though the keyboard takes getting used to. But it's interesting--my wife still enjoys using our macbook more. I think it's because she is more used to it plus she gets frustrated by the lack of flash on the Ipad.

    I wish there were more Ipad-exclusive apps. I am sure they are coming though.

    A Hulu app and an Espn360 app would sure be nice...
    04-14-2010 10:19 AM
  9. Ipheuria's Avatar
    Flash is going to disappear I know of sites that are already going with HTML 5. Anyway that is besides the point if you do decide to get rid of it I would say if you got a good deal then rather than return it put it for sale online. Now that the international orders are delayed even further by a month I have to think there is going to be a frenzy to get it online.
    04-14-2010 01:09 PM