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    I visit an Ohio State football forum for recruiting news and noticed that the mobile version of the forum still shows up on the iPad when I visit the page on Safari. I emailed the admin of the site and he said he would look in to changing it, but wasn't real familiar with the iPad technology. Is there a website or FAQ that I can email him that shows how to make the iPad show up as a non smartphone mobile device? I know of a couple of sites that give the option of choosing between the traditional browser view and mobile view, i.e. espn.com. Any help would be appreciated!
    04-12-2010 07:32 AM
  2. mattxu5's Avatar
    A little google searching led me to this apple site. Sorry if I wasted anyone's time. If anyone has followed this procedure with their own website could pass along their experience in doing so, I would really appreciate it so I can forward it to my admin.

    Technical Note TN2262: Preparing Your Web Content for iPad
    04-12-2010 07:44 AM
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