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    Not sure how the networks / carriers operate in the US, but I was wondering how the iPad will deal with SIM Updates from the UK networks.

    I'm sure you've all had them before, either with an iPhone or any other handset, where the network sends you a text message (SMS) to update / refresh the settings within the SIM itself.

    The most similar device would be a "dongle" or USB modem. It took numerous software updates for these devices before you could access the SIM Messages a read / delete them on your PC, and up until then the network would ask you to put the SIM in a different device (normal mobile usually) so that you can deal with the messages and let the changes take effect before putting the SIM back into your dongle and reconnecting to the USB port on your PC.

    With the use of Micro-SIM's this wont be possible as it wont fit into any other device.

    Just a thought.
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